Gaming Crushes: A Kingdom Hearts Love Affair

Time may be running out for JP LaFrance and Kingdom Hearts to repair their relationship as he tries to hold on through the mobile titles for a true console sequel.

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Knight_Cid2488d ago

Whinny, hypocritical, really doesnt love KH

The handheld games are every bit as good and as important to the story as 1,2

MEsoJD2487d ago

Err... Seriously, only bbs was worth playing and it wasn't a side story, but a prequel.

Outside_ofthe_Box2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Wow you are such a fan of SE. Name one SE game that you don't like.

I never really played the handheld games because it would be silly for me to buy a handheld just to play one game. Only KH handheld game I played was chain of memories. I'll eventually find a way to play the rest of the handheld titles when KH3 is finally announced and has a solid release date.

But damn, every time I see you comment it's "all ff games are good" "all kh games are good" "SE has made nothing short of great titles" etc.

TheUnbiasedLion2487d ago

I agree man, Tetsuya really is trying to tie up all loose end to the KH story and while some won't bother I for one am enjoying it.

2487d ago
TheUnbiasedLion2487d ago

I think I am regarded as a true KH fan, I even loved recoded and I am waiting eagerly for KH 3D

I really want 3 to come out as I want to know how this saga ends oh and 3D will have a secret trailer for kh3, so bloody excited.

This guys relationship with kh is poor if he dosnt like a full insight into the universe. The games wouldn't have been that great on the consoles, even bbs fits handhelds perfectly.