EDGE- Gotham City Impostors Review

EDGE- Credit where it's due: it's a fine idea. A cheerfully camp multiplayer FPS starring teams of Batman and Joker impersonators on a budget, with Call Of Duty's rank-and-unlock system and an extensive layer of character customisation that not only affords variety and individuality but also opens the door for publisher-sating microtransactions.

The game is chaotic and enjoyable at first - once you get into one, anyway, as its matchmaking is so terrible it barely deserves the name. You'll sit endlessly in lobbies waiting for players that will never arrive, and there's no way to join in-progress matches, so if someone on your team quits mid-game, you're a man down for the duration. While the core mechanics are robust enough, the only confirmation that you're shooting straight comes from the numerical damage values that appear on enemies as bullets connect. Turn them off in the options screen and opponents move around with no indication their skin is being pierced by searing metal – until they fall over.

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Jamzluminati3060d ago

Nothing to see here. The game is fun. Edge just being edge, looking for hits.

Ace_Man_63060d ago

Edge does realise that u can score more than 6 right?