PSX Extreme Reviews GT5: Prologue

American PlayStation 3 owners can expect to see their Prologue, complete with close to 70 cars (it'll include all of the downloadable content for the Japanese Prologue), sometime around the end of March. In the meantime, if you're eager, import the Japanese version, as it'll freely play on any region PlayStation 3 - and there's minimal Japanese text to read.

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scrillakiller4733d ago

where did u order it from and for how much

Antan4733d ago

If u want to download direct from the psn, just buy a japanese 5000 yen "store" card from ebay like i did, seller sends u the code, 5 mins later your downloading, job done.

Armyless4733d ago

Pardon my ignorance. Which GT is this?

Is this a demo or some kind of Part 1 to GT5 or what?

I have a friend who is a GT addict who wants to know so he can buy his PS3 accordingly.

redninja4733d ago

This is GT5: Prologue. It's sort of like a beefed-up demo. It has several tracks, a few dozen cars, and online play. The full version, however, doesn't come out until 2008.

Doppy4733d ago

This title says it's a review, but it's just a preview :( Any how I expect this game to get great reviews.