PREVIEW: Mass Effect 3 Co-op Is Awesome (GamingBolt)

GB: "There are two inherent problems with Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer component- the first is that it’s Mass Effect. To even imagine that a game like Mass Effect would have multiplayer seems strange. It’s a single player game,. after all, and at first it just seems like BioWare is trying to cash in on the multiplayer craze, trying to attract the “Call of Duty crowd.” The second problem is that it’s another take on Gears of War 3′s Horde mode. We’ve already had so many games that utilize that kind of mode. Uncharted 3, Halo, and more recently, Call of Duty. It just doesn’t seem like a fresh idea.

Does ME3 integrate it into the overall experience properly? Does the idea still seem fresh? Is it just a cash in on the multiplayer craze?"

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Karooo2439d ago

I need to download it soon, but man it looks great.

fluffydelusions2439d ago

It's horde mode only or other modes as well? Perfectly happy with only a horde mode TBH.

hellzsupernova2439d ago

i cannot wait to make a drell! WOOOOO! Mass Effect 3 is going to be awesome

BugsBunny2439d ago

It's alright, but it's one of those things which will get boring fast, especialy the online crowd their going for which mostly play on COD, theyll end up back of their prefered online game after a month.

I would of rather seen more work done to the single player.

I hope sites aren't just prasing it because of ME reputation. It's only now people can see and accept some of the faults of ME2

MizTv2439d ago

is it on 2 disc on the 360 again. i dont want it to take away from the sp

Software_Lover2438d ago

I just really, really, really wish there was peer vs peer.