GTA 5: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Release Date Is 23 November - Zavvi

UK retailer dates Grand Theft Auto 5 - but is there something in it or is it just another place holder?

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Ghost2503071d ago

thats a freaking friday we know major games come out on tuesdays. so why even put this up? there is only like a handful of games that have odd release dates like MGS4 & GT5

MariaHelFutura3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I like that your whole thing is that the date isn't a Tuesday.....

November however, seems very reasonable.

Skate-AK3070d ago

Skyrim came out 11/11/11. That wasn't a Tuesday

Ghost2503070d ago

if you read what i said, "there is only like a handful of games that have odd release dates" then maybe you wouldn't be saying that no would you.

PhantomT14123070d ago

It's a UK site. Games come out usually on Friday here in Europe.

Ghost2503070d ago

thanks for the info, did not realize it

brodychet3070d ago

Yay. Wasn't positive that this was coming out in 2012<3.

Can't wait to see this damn game. O_o

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RaidensRising3071d ago

November 2012 seems plausible. But the exact day Im not so sure.

Dovahkiin3070d ago

I agree, the trailer showed that it wasn't THAT far from being complete, so nov 2012 it could well be.

isarai3070d ago

kinda odd to have an exact date like that as a placeholder so i think there is something to this. weather that something is the truth is something to be waited for

Markh20013070d ago

Stop being friggin idiots! Zavvi is a UK retailer and games typically come out over here on a friday! so the release date and day looks very plausible.

MRMagoo1233070d ago

I just want to see some more info on the game maybe some kind of gameplay to see if its bringing the fun back like san andreas had.

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The story is too old to be commented.