An Interview With Platinum Games: The Team Behind Anarchy Reigns

"Platinum Games is now a studio synonymous with taking a genre by the scruff of its neck and pushing its boundaries into new, ever-more spectacular and enthralling territory. In those six short years since its inception, we’ve seen the Japan-based studio tackle a spot of the old blood-soaked ultra violence in the black-and-white-and-red-all-ov er shooter MadWorld, seduce feisty ass-kicking witch Bayonetta in the sublime hack-and-slasher of the same name, and deliver its own super-stylish and gloriously fast-paced take on the third-person shooter genre with Vanquish. That’s not to forget, of course, Platinum’s brief departure to handheld shores in the stat-heavy science-fiction RPG Infinite Space for the DS. It’s been a busy few years for the team now slated to develop Metal Gear spin-off Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance."

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