How Do PSP Games Look On PlayStation Vita?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): The more we learn about Sony's PlayStation Vita, the more we like. Just a few moments ago, we downloaded a PSP game (Capcom's Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins) to see how it would display on the system's five-inch OLED screen. Would Sony letterbox everything? Would it seem blurred?

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Chrono2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Here's a better video.

MagicAccent2438d ago

Hey thanks for the link, subbed to his channel :)

moparful992438d ago

Litterally just finished playing God of War: Chains of Olympus on my vita and honestly it looked better then it did on the psp... Can't wait to play Ghost of Sparta on my Vita!

pain777pas2438d ago

I know this sounds stupid but some people who are playing PSP games on their Vita can attest to this. You should get the Vita even if you just want to play PSP games. I am very serious. Tekken 6, RR, Capcom collection etc... all look amazing on this screen. I am kinda shocked at how playable all the PSP games are now and with the huge screen immersion in now legitimate on a handheld. Kudos to Sony for the screen size. Guys you will enjoy your Vita especially if you explore the library of games on the store like Tomb Raider legends, PoP and the like. Those games that were questionable decisions for hand held games are now fantastic games. Syphon Filter is another game that will play very well on the Vita. You will be impressed with the hardware I can promise you that.

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CynicalVision2439d ago

I'm hoping someone can answer this, can you listen to your own music while playing a PSP title on the Vita?

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iWishTifaWasReal2439d ago


i want them on this system

MagicAccent2438d ago

Looks better than the ps3 upscaling at least. Playing psp minis on my ps3 makes me see double :P

pain777pas2438d ago

You will notice that every PSP games you will tailor. Some 3d games will look better just upscaled without filter. Others use the filter. Even use the PSP 3000 colour space if that tickles your fancy. I can say that after a while you start to see that PSP games were not only good they were great. Stand outs from my personal collection are Tekken 6 and Ridge racer. They really look good on the OLED. The character models are huge in Tekken and Ridge racer in first person is immersive. Burnout L tomorrow and I will try Wipeout Pure though the latter I doubt will work for obvious reasons. What I mean by that is PSP games on the Vita are great.