Gears of War PC Review (Game Informer)

Gears of War released to critical and commercial success a year ago on the Xbox 360, and Microsoft has now seen fit to release it to the company's redheaded stepchild of a platform. Unlike Halo 2, Gears will actually run under Windows XP, which is a step up, but it's nonetheless clear that the game was developed with consoles in mind. As we've seen from many previous titles making the transition between console and PC, Gears plays noticeably better with the control scheme it was originally designed for. At least you have the option of using a gamepad here.


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Myth4731d ago

Gameinfomer gave PC version of Gears of War an 8. Let's see the PC version has better graphics, longer single player, more multiplayer maps, more game types in multiplayer. So how does it get a lower score?????
Check this crap out ---------

"Gears of PC is exactly the same as its 360 predecessor - except with a lower framerate and generally worse visuals unless you have a crazy-powerful DirectX 10 rig"

WTF ever!! I've never heard so much BS in a review. I can run Gears on MAX settings and my PC is no where near a big rig. I can't run cryis on medium, but i can run Gears in MAX. Gameinformer reviews suck, first Mass Effect then this crap.

resistance1004731d ago

they did say that the game is better suited to a controller, thats a preaty good reason to give it a lower score. Controls are an important factor of gameplay

Myth4731d ago

you can use a 360 controller with you PC.

TheIneffableBob4731d ago

Lower frame rates?
My 7900GT runs Gears of War at maxed out settings, 1680x1050 at 30 to 60 FPS. That's higher than the 360's frame rate, which is 30, although it dips below that from time to time.

Charmers4731d ago

I am surprised it got an 8 seriously this game is so dull. I can pretty much play it with all settings maxxed out, I didn't find it graphically impressive. I mean there is absolutely nothing to this game it is just cover, shoot, cover, shoot etc etc etc.

jinn4731d ago

who has time for computer games and why would anybody waste the time to play gears of war on PC, when its much better on the xbox360

solar4731d ago

no everyone wants to take a chance with a 33% failure rate. like me. i want to, but i dont want to worry about the hassle in case it does. like ive expressed may times on this forum, get your crap right MS and ill buy your 360 to place next to my wii and ps3.

i want this bad :D

CeruleanSky4731d ago

Another 360 'exclusive turd' gets an honest review...

resistance1004731d ago

I strongly disagree with that statement, Gears of War is a fine game, and is one of the reasons why im getting a 2nd 360 to take to uni with me

PS3n3604731d ago

Sad but true. One console wunderfags dont bother responding your views are not relevant. I own both and can speak in honesty. Uncharted comes within a cvnt hair but lack of multiplayer keeps it below gears in the hearts and minds of true gamers. now where did i put that asbestos suit?

CeruleanSky4731d ago

Xbox 360 == Dreamcast
Xbots == Dreamcast fanboys
Gears of War == Shenmue

Five years from now the console world is going to still getting idiotic posts like PS3n360's just like the diehard Dreamcast fanboys did all the way into the mid-2000s.


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