Why Audio Matters In The Last Of Us

GameInformer- "Throughout our month of coverage for The Last of Us, the team at Naughty Dog has stressed the importance of subtlety and intensity both in the story and gameplay. Phil Kovatz is the man responsible for setting that tone with the audio of the game. As the audio lead for The Last of Us, Phil plans on using audio not only to submerge players in the world but also to have a significant impact on how they engage the enemies of the game.

Watch the video below to learn how Phil Kovatz's work on everything from God of War 3 to Flow has prepared him to take advantage of the new sound propagation tech to make sure that the audio for The Last of Us leaves a lasting impression."

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Bosna13072d ago

Audio wont matter if your T.V speakers are crap

mayberry3072d ago

Good thing the ps3 is the only gaming console that has true 7.1 surround sound. Should sound great!

Bosna13072d ago

that is my point, surround sound is the way to go.

DigitalRaptor3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Seems like they've gathered all the elements they need to make this a truly memorable, narrative-driven survival experience. Music/sound, gameplay, AI, graphics/presentation, story and characters combined, look to be going in a really promising direction. You don't often see this sort of direction in games. Like the guy said, it's like a AAA indie.

It could very well receive the same sorts of accolades that both Uncharted series did and similarly films like The Road and No Country... Hopefully it turns out to match their ambition.