Duke Nukem Forever delayed once again... in Japan

Poor Duke. Just when the troubled king of strip clubs and pig cops thought the negative press was behind him, now comes word the release of Duke Nukem Forever in Japan is suffering from the same old Duke delay blues.

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zeal0us2439d ago

Japan, save your money the game overall isn't worth it.

Kingdom Come2438d ago

Anyone would think 2K and Gearbox are embarrassed about something...

Death to the King.

mastershredder2438d ago

Anyone in Japan who is hardcore/dedicated/curious enough to play Duke already has it anyway.

2K and Gearbox should not even bother. What are they going to do? Sell a dozen copies? (if that lucky).

I think they will end up spending more on the localization than return on sales. Not to mention soiling their names in the minds of the unknowing Japanese gamers.

firefly692438d ago

They are going to sell this garbage in jap.too!