Is Game Journalism the Problem? No.

Robert Workman: I’ve been in video game journalism for well over decade, getting my start by writing small for fan sites and eventually making a living out of it. And I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it, despite the fact that some of my descriptives aren’t as strong as, say, someone who’s been banging away at a legal story for months on end. I’ve gotten the hang of knowing the in’s and out’s of what makes a good video game, when something is flawed and when something works, and reflecting that back on the common reader so that they have an understanding of whether something is worth checking out or not.

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lifesanrpg2531d ago

The gaming news industry is no different then celebrity news, or news that we see on TV.

Misleading headlines from one sentence quotes. Every industry does this so stop acting like it's just the Gaming Journalists doing this.

LostDjinn2531d ago

Are you saying that misleading sensationalist opportunism is systemic in modern journalism in general and that makes it OK?

I hate to break it to you but that's pretty flimsy.

As for reviews, well that's a whole different bag.
Reviews should be an exercise in objectivity. Indeed a measurement of a reviewers success remains how objective they can show themselves to be. The fact that some "people" claim "it's just an opinion" in an attempt to evade critical evaluation shows just how pathetic the state of things has become.

Anyway, you were saying?

mirumu2531d ago

I don't believe it's possible for a reviewer to be objective in any useful sense. We all have our biases whether we want to admit them or not. Trying to factor them out just leads to bland overly positive reviews that just aren't worth the time to read.

The best reviewers in my opinion are those who are fully aware of their biases and if applicable communicate how these distort their opinion of the game. I don't care if their outlook ends up being completely different to mine as long as I understand why they came to their conclusions. Without knowing the biases they filter the game through we have no reference point to use when interpreting their review.

LostDjinn2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago ) say you don't believe a reviewer can be objective in any useful sense. You then go on to say you prefer reviews where the reviewer objectively analyses both the material and their methods of reviewing.

I'm confused.

Another thing. Being objective doesn't make a review inherently positive or negative or boring for that matter. It makes it accurate and allows the reader to follow the reviews' train of thought.

I hate to point it out but thems the breaks.

Edit: Sorry for the tardy reply but I just logged back on and spied the notification.

brbobcat2531d ago

The whole Jessica chobot mass effect thing has rubbed me the wrong way