Review: NeverDead (This Is My Joystick)

You take the role of the typically butch Bryce, a rather different kind of action hero. Bryce is an immortal who is over 500 years old and who mixes the ability to drop a one liner like Duke Nukem with the all out strength and attitude of Marcus Fenix. Our hero shows this strength by regularly ripping off his arms to use as bait, or sometimes his head, which he then throws to access those harder to reach areas.

Having lost a battle with the Demon King 500 years ago that not only cost our man his mortality but also his wife, Bryce now works for NADA (The National Anti Demon Agency) and along with his mortal partner, Arcadia Maximille (think Lara croft meets Jill Valentine) is tasked with investigating several incidents of suspected Demon activity without sending the general public into a frenzy.

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I loved this game so much I can't wait for the DLC to drop.

RayWillmott2460d ago

Definitely looks interesting. I wish there'd been a demo of this, though.