Maximum Nostalgia: Why Skyrim Will Never Be Good Enough For Morrowind Fans

GP: "When Skyrim released late last year, it stole the hearts and souls of gamers everywhere. It was topping Game of the Year lists all over the internet, earning itself perfect review scores, and it even spawned the instantly annoying 'arrow to the knee' meme. Despite all of this fanfare, there is still a group of gamers out there that feel a game released a decade ago is better...and I'm one of them.

While Skyrim was infinitely better than Oblivion in many aspects, it still wasn't on the same level of fun as Morrowind for me. Obviously that doesn't make Skyrim a bad game, but it does make it much harder to enjoy when you begin to notice the things that made you love Morrowind are seemingly absent from the world of Skyrim. Here are just a few of those special things that my nostalgic self hopes to see in the next Elder Scrolls."

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Blues Cowboy2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I actually agree, though I love Skyrim more than I love most people.

I especially enjoyed Morrowind's art direction - Vvardenfell is an incredibly alien and bizarre place to be rather than a stock fantasy universe. No horses - instead, insane chitinous silt striders. A massive guild hall hollowed out of a crab. Muck, slime and mucous everywhere - it was muddy and horrible yet a brilliant place to be. Though I still go weak at the knees just thinking about Skyrim, I can't help thinking it's very generic in comparison.

Drake1172439d ago

Completely agree with this. I love skyrim and it does many many things better than morrowind but the art direction and feel of morrowind is what makes it my favorite game of all time. Things in skyrim and oblivion feel far too generic, lord of the rings ish style, while the world of morrowind was fantastical and mysterious.

Bigpappy2438d ago

Add me to the list that agree Morrowind is still the best. I love Skyrim and I am still playing it, but sold the immersion and the world better. If I had to score them, for comparison sake, I would give Morrowing the 10/10, and skyrim the 9.5. I am awear that Skyrim has many improvements (like letting you use the two hands that god gave you to fight), but the immersion and feeling of living in the game was better sold in Morrowind.

Knight_Cid2439d ago

good article

of course all elder scrolls are carbon copies but morrowind is the best

Snookies122439d ago

Well, I think Skyrim came close to Morrowind greatness, it didn't achieve it, but came very close. If they had some darker looking landscapes it would have been perfect. We'll see what they do with DLC, personally if they include some more land to explore, with some terrain not seen in Skryim, I think I might just have to kick it up to Morrowind status.

BugsBunny2439d ago

I missed the lack of variation, not just in the world, but the weapons and armor....hell even in the magic. The only destruction magic is Fire, Frost and Shock, how about Wind, Earth powers or maybe some magic that works better on others like a "Holy" spell on the undead.

Amazing game but I just felt it was a bit dumbed down, I mean the one thing I would of liked them to take out they didn't....I can't be the only one who hates the soul trapping thing for recharging staffs, puts me off being a mage.

Drake1172439d ago

Yeah i hate the soul trapping crap too lol but idk if they will ever get rid of it, kind of a staple of the ES franchise by now. Maybe they should do the soul trapping to enchant weapons and armor and stuff but make it so your weps don't require them and just stay enchanted.

BugsBunny2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

The thing is though they got rid of weapons/armor breaking, it was like the warriors/theifs counterpart of a mage class Soul trapping. So I don't see why the soul trapping stayed

You needed to find hammers to fix your weapons
You need to use soul gems to recharge your staffs

Same thing really...

I would of prefered a recharge on the staff because while it's recharing it would make you use the magic you've learnt.

Isn't the whole point of focusing your attention on a mage class, you would think that all the hard work you put into it would go towards your ability of Soul gems

Like Azuras Star could of been made into more of a mage themed quest which is really diffuclt to complete and you have to be a high level then Azuara Star could of been made so you don't need to charge your weapons anymore the Star does it for you.

Poelite2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I completely agree. Utterly. Sincerely. Totally.
I had a lot of high hopes for Skyrim in the months leading up to launch.
It lived up to much of the acclaim and hype I had built up for it in my heart... (Becoming a werewolf was the best kept secret, and the Thieves Guild quest line was the best in the game, which should have been... y'know the main quest...) but as it progressed it's lack of depth began to taper of my yearning for the nostalgia of Morrowind.
There are no secrets to Skyrim. And you won't find yourself looking under every rock, or going down every side road. The Walls are likely the best thing you'll randomly find and even then they aren't necessarily hard to find.
There's no weapon in the game, Daedric or otherwise that has an "epic" quality to it. And when you can craft the best armor and weapons in the game with a skill... it's just... dull.
I love Skyrim, don't get me wrong, but I spent MONTHS more (of actual game time) going back through Morrowind, and I still know how much I missed. Finding the one full set of Daedric in the game and the Daedric Crescent with the Saviour's Hide in that one tower.... felt... I don't know. Powerful.
Battling through all the dragons in Skyrim never felt so good as digging through secret tunnels filled with corprus infected mer.
Bloodmoon and Tribunal brought more to Morrowind.
Shivering Isles saved Oblivion.
I hope whatever DLC planned for Skyrim, gives it so much more.