Capcom Explains Dead Rising Achievements, Possibilities For Dead Rising 2

Remember Dead Rising? How could you not: Capcom's zombie action-adventure title was one of 2006's bestsellers, enamoring gamers with its classic storyline and everything-is-a-weapon, sandbox-style gameplay.

Another thing the Xbox 360 exclusive had were amusing and fun-to-get Achievements. How did they come up with them?

Game designer Goda Hidehiro gave MTV Multiplayer his answers via e-mail (which were translated from Japanese). Learn about Hidehiro's favorite Achievements, why he thinks gamers are obsessed with Achievements and what he'd like to see in Dead Rising 2.

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PS3 Limps on and on4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Since Resident Evil already moved on from Zombies, and is still a cool game in it's own way but not Resident Evil anymore.

There's a good chance Dead Rising 2 will be 360 exclusive. But it hasn't been confirmed or anything, so it's just a guess. I don't think the game is even official yet.

MK_Red4732d ago

Superb find and read. Dead Rising the first next-gen game I really loved and is still among my faves. It's achievements were rather interesting but some of them were pretty hard to get.

As for Dead Rising 2, I say BRING IT ON :)

ReBurn4732d ago

I really love Dead Rising, too. A lot of people gave it a bad rap, but it was a really good game. It's hard to believe that it came out so long ago. It's about time for a new one.

MK_Red4732d ago

I really can't understand why some people hated this game. Glad to hear you liked it :)
It's among my all time faves. I really really loved it and it indeed feels like DR came so long ago. Time for SEQUEL.

BlackIceJoe4732d ago

The first Dead Rising was a nice breath of fresh air. It was a new spin on a zombie games. I for one am up for a new game too.

Cusco4732d ago

This shouldn't be exclusive, unless capcom's little rant about "games are too expensive to make, so we need to put DMC 4 on 360" was total BS.

ElementX4732d ago

And PS3 boys/girls wonder what's so good about achievements?!?!?!!? Read this

Close_Second4732d ago people who think achievements are a waste of time yet they scramble to post news on this site to get...well...achievement points.

ElementX4732d ago

I know, they scour the net finding the most obscure references to video games (guy cuts person with sword after video game argument) and nonsense

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The story is too old to be commented.