Sony Hopes Vita Will Stymie Pirates, Please Fans and Last Eight Years

The PlayStation Vita is built to last more than half a decade and is designed to confound pirates more than it confounds the average gamer, Sony's head of worldwide game development, Shuhei Yoshida, tells Kotaku.

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Knight_Cid3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )


and the 3ds begs to differ that dedicate portables shouldnt exist

it smoked every other system last year

coryok3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

piracy =/= stealing
piracy = copyright infringement, which is a civil case, not a criminal case, and the maximum fine (no jail time can be given out for this when laws are properly followed) is the cost of the license of what was infringed upon.

what is illegal? applying the wrong laws to copyright infringement, being put into prison for 5 years (in the us) for what should have been a civil case, not a criminal case. why does the entertainment industry get away with their overzealous lawsuits? because they have money.

now tell me, do you think copyright infringement or blatantly removing a persons right to a fair trial by applying pressure against the court, with advertisements that say piracy is theft, which its not. theyre influencing law by making the expected outcome of piracy a jail sentence, so when a judge actually follows the law, giving out $30 fines to infringement theyre seen as sympathizing with, as named in the advertisements, horrible people.

what if this was applied to something else, such as speeding tickets, what if every time you sped, you were falsely given 5 years in jail and fined, instead of the ~$150, ~$20,000 because the judge doesnt want to look like hes sympathizing with criminals, which could end up costing him his job if it continues.

btw, i dont sympathize with people who infringe on copyrights and want people to be paid for their work, but the way that the industry is going about it is wrong. they should have to follow the law just like everyone else, bringing infringement cases to civil courts, not criminal courts - just because one law is broken (copyright infringement) doesnt mean that a company can break another law, two wrongs dont make a right.

kamanashi3070d ago

Copyright infringement is a criminal case.

darthv723070d ago

There is a very fine line between perspectives. someone who makes copies of something for their own use vs someone who makes copies of something for personal gain.

One is civil and the other is criminal yet they get lumped together all the time. i seem to recall many years ago when tape recorders came out as well as video recorders that this became huge.

It was said that people could record content from the radio or tv for their personal use but not for public display/demonstration without the express written consent of the original source.

Makes you wonder how many people had to write the NFL just to rewatch a game with their friends. Yeah that is a bit extreme but then again these laws werent very well written to begin with.

Knight_Cid3070d ago


BubloZX3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Half a decade? Well with the way technology increases now a days they may need to do what they did with the PSP to stay relevant. Remember when the PSP 1000 started out with 32mb of ram; by the time the 2-3000 came out it had twice that and a whole new motherboard. I'm thinking the vita may have to do that as well as change the chip set if they can do it affordably and without hindering first model users to stay relevant. Also on board memory like they did with the go is a must if the release newer models of the Vita

fluffydelusions3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Agreed. Quad core in mobile is nice and shiny now but in a year or two it will be outdated. Still remember a few years back when 1gz was OMG, then dual core, now quad. Mobile moves very fast nowadays.

dark-hollow3070d ago

Ahh I remember when nexus one was the sh*t!!

Still holds a special place in my heart.

darthv723070d ago

i was actually surprised sony didnt double the ram to 128mb. That would have been great to have. Possibly could have helped to justify the price but oh well.

Rainstorm813071d ago

Writing this on my Vita and it can easily last 5 years with proper support . They need to just focus on games games and games. Content will be key

kamanashi3070d ago

I'm fine with the power of it now, so I'm like you, as long as quality content can be delivered on a regular basis, it can last as long as Sony is willing to have Vitas manufactured.

Mikhail3070d ago

People, hardware will always evolve, the problem would be software which needs to cater to the lowest denominator.

Jolt3070d ago

Can't wait for it to be "the PSP all over again", so it will be the best handheld ever: another fabulous quantity/quality of titles, but this time with god-tier hardware.

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