10.0 Rhythm Heaven Fever - Wii Review

"When Rhythm Heaven Fever was announced in Japan (under the name of Minnano Rizumo Tengoku) early last year, I freaked out and instantly began championing the title. 'This game will be amazing!' I cried. I absolutely loved both the GBA and DS iterations in the series (only the latter ever saw an international release), and imported the Japanese version of Minnano Rizumo Tengoku when it released last summer. Now, with Rhythm Heaven Fever releasing in North America, I have gone through the localized version, and am ecstatic to finally be able to bring you my review!" --

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Venox20082462d ago

I could give this game 90/100 ..really a great game, please try it people

Wiiloveit2462d ago

Here's hoping the game turns out more successful than the DS endeavour. :)