They Made a Video Game About Slavery, And It’s Actually Good

Video games take us places; this is known. They allow us to try on identities other than our own, and to see what it's like to live life as another person. They can also teach us things. Math and science teachers have spent a good amount of time figuring out how to leverage games to better instruct their students, but role-playing and adventure games have always seemed particularly well-suited to teaching history.

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LOGICWINS2439d ago

I was I had things like this in elementary school. Would have made the class much more interesting.

256bit2438d ago

your name is tobi *whip*

manitobawpg2438d ago

I don`t know about video games but underground to canada would have been really cool to watch in animation or movie.

Jeebs2438d ago

I'm quite sure that the words 'Slavery' and 'good' should not generally be used together in the same sentence, no matter the context, because there really is only one context in this context.

nikrel2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Get over the slavery issue. Anyone born this day in age has to deal with zero slavery issues. Also every is a freaking AMERICAN if you were born in America you are an American. Yes I am speaking about the term we have given to African Americans it is total bs.

Where are the Mexican Americans, Greek Americans, Asian Americans, German Americans. The list goes on but my point is it is time.

So sick of this crap, we are all people & if you are born here in America you are an American.

Btw I'm of Greek and German heritage but guess what. I'm an American.

Edit - after some research that took a min, it seems that other people of African decent prefer to be called just plain. American. This is wonderful, people are moving on.
We should not forget how things went down, but we should also be progressive and keeping a name for a certain type of human/race/color how ever youput it is not progression. It holds people back from moving on as well as it puts a negitive view of said humans.

Places Americans that just happen to be of african decent in another category that alienates said people and really should be done away with.