Sony Makes a Bold Move with Vita First Edition Bundle - Push Square

Taking a look at Sony's interesting idea of releasing the Vita one week early to eager customers in North America. Is it a smart way to create advocates or will it merely muddy the system's important first week sales figures?

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TBM3066d ago

My wifi model is already paid in full. Played the demo setup in gamestop today and other felt great and the games look beautiful on it. those who are hating are bloody idiots imo.

TacoTaru3066d ago

I wants one, I do. I would have paid to get one early if there was an RPG at launch ORif the bundle had 32G Memory card and it didn't have to be 3G. As it is, the first RPG isn't out till April so I can wait till then unless a really nice bundle shows up before then.

teedogg803066d ago

I picked up my first edition bundle this morning. I haven't been this excited for anything in a long, long time. It's worth every cent.

Bibmiester3066d ago

I agree with you, I'm picking up mine later this evening and I haven't been this excited for a handheld in a long time, I want to say since the DS, because we are actually getting something new and revolutionary in the handheld market imo

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