Microsoft sees Xbox 360 sales growth in '08

Microsoft expects to sell more Xbox 360 consoles in 2008 than in 2007, with Europe standing out as a key battleground for dominance in the industry. In Japan, where the Xbox 360 has far lagged Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft said recent and upcoming games from popular Japanese designers should boost sales.

"We will sell more consoles next year than this year," Jeff Bell, head of global marketing for Microsoft's games business, told Reuters in an interview.

"We don't want to trade places with anybody," Bell said.

"Europe for us is still the swing," Bell said. "The biggest challenge is that Sony as a brand has had greater staying power than in other areas. Not just PlayStation 3, but Sony as a brand," Bell said.

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DJ4732d ago

So hopefully Microsoft lives up to its goals for 2008. Japan is a lost cause, and Europe is quickly being taken over by their competitors. Maybe they should focus strictly on North America.

TylerDurden4732d ago

MS is on pace to sell around a million units more in 2007 than 2006.

Sales at the end of 2005 - 1,183,577
Sales at the end of 2006 - 7,959,845

2006 sales == 6,776,268

Sales at the end of 2006 - 7,959,845
Sales up to Dec 15th 2007 - 15,064,577

2007 sales so far == 7,104,732

However the last two weeks of 2006 768,918 units were sold. So add that total to the 2007 total so far and you get 7,873,650 units which is about 1.1 million more than last year.

ThaGeNeCySt4732d ago

where did you get your numbers from

...please don't say VGchartz...

TylerDurden4732d ago

Yep from vgchartz. Name a better website that has console sales in easy to use format that lets you analyze both current and past data.

Also the numbers are adjusted after the official data is released. The only data that is inaccurate are the current month's figures. Even then vgchartz usually shows to be at worst within 20% of the actual data when it gets released.

Since sales numbers get argued so much on n4g, it's good to at least have a tool for research. If you know of a better site please let me know.

oohWii4732d ago

That's why MS is a major corp and you are a two-bit 7-11 worker. Let them worry about their business decisions and you just continue to play video games. Deal? Good.

DJ4732d ago

Call me when You become responsible for a consolidation project that saves your company $490,000 annually. 7-11 worker. HAH!

Kleptic4732d ago

I mostly agree...they have said the exact same thing about Japan since the original Xbox launched...each year has "japanese titles that will boost sales in that region"...

but it doesn't matter...overall the 360 is doing great in every other region...

the 360 right now has a firm hold on the PS3 in sales in the US...not as much in Europe...but is still outselling the PS3 worldwide...which is basically all that matters...will be interesting to see what happens through 2008...Sony has some of the biggest games of this generation as exlusives for 2008...

The Brave 14732d ago

if they sold more units in 2007 than 2006 it was because of some people buying it again cause of the piece of $hit hardware.There is no way microsoft is selling more units in 2008.Its all downhill from here xgirls.

Zinger4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I thought PS3 sales in worldwide markets were outdoing the 360 and gaining momentum (with North American sales being the exception)? Correct me if i'm wrong.

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cloud360-7th_account4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

wat is the reason. no i wont get arrogant. just becuase SONY seems to have secured 2008.

More money more problems, no justice no piece, a friend told me that. More complacant more arrogance. Do not get to happy SONY supporters

edit: wat is the reason, as in why MS think they can. u shud never rely on hope

Bubble Buddy4732d ago

Mo Money Mo Problems is a song by Biggie

cloud360-7th_account4732d ago

ha i tought it wud be something like that. my friend is into a lot of gangster nusic

ReBurn4732d ago

Nobody has secured 2008. It is going to take actually releasing these long-promised games to make that happen.

Relcom4732d ago

With Sony's line-up, this notion seems very difficult for them to pull off. Sony has some BIG guns waiting in 08. So since Sony and Microsoft compete against each other for sales....

Microsoft is ambitious BUT so is the competition. They need some big new IP to hit and spread like wildfire, cause (i'm sorry) but Lost Oddesy isn't gonna have d1ck on LBP, MGS4, Killzone 2, ect...

chester4732d ago

wow, the honesty is oh so refreshing.

both consoles have great lineups for the upcoming year, and both will grow. the idea that ANY of the consoles are going to put noticable distance between themselves and their competitors next year is wishful thinking.

Relcom4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

I don't think either console will pull away,(as far as total sales) but i do think they will be closer.

Bubble Buddy4732d ago

AHA off-topic but what happened to the tiger in the cheetos commercial xD

Tsukasah4732d ago

He got caught snorting cheetos while listening to Tom Sawyer by Rush.... didn't you see?

Kleptic4731d ago

price drops will play a huge factor on this...

everyone keeps touting the PS3's lineup for 2008...but it is very likely that not one big exclusive will come until fall (I am still banking on MGS4 being Oct/Nov.)...and with recent news of similar situations for KZ2 and LBP...2008 is not setting up to be the "non-stop year of exclusives" for the PS3 that some keep saying...its just going to finish with a bang...

Home may help though...with good marketing and Home actually making a spring release...that will stir sales earlier on...but as the release schedule goes, the PS3 does not have a whole lot on the 360's 1st and 2nd quarter anyway...neither really blows the other one away...and Q3 of 2008 may see Gears 2...which is a very strong opponent for even MGS4...

probably a closer year than anything...PS3 may pull ahead, may not...but SCE is really bombing with release dates...they needed KZ2 in early 2008 right with Home...they needed fall 2008 reserved for Resistance 2, and MGS4 early summer...that would keep the whole year full of consistent is really amazing that the PS3 has managed to sell around 7 million units this year...especially considering what sales were like April/May/June (wasn't it like less than 100k total for each month?...worst sales since the launch of the original PS)...

the PS3 is getting the games to do it...but the 1st party delays are creating what could have been absolute domination, and leaving the door wide open...again...

wageslave4731d ago

"but Lost Oddesy isn't gonna have d1ck on LBP, MGS4, Killzone 2, ect... "

This nonsense again? Listen, MS has plenty of big guns coming in 08, I'll not bother repeating them, IM sure you actually know this.

But, lets look a little closer at what you said. MGS4 is just another shooter, and it looks like GeoW 2 is coming in 2008, that will really provide a nice counter-point to MGS4.

Lost Odyssey has recieved rave reviews, and is selling very well in Japan. It was written by one of the greatest innovators in the industry; Sakaguchi.

Anyone who plays JRPG -- and has played Blue Dragon -- know that his work is excellent. I expect Lost Odyssey to be a great game, and every indication is that it will be.

LBP is an unknown quantity, it looks like a Lemmings with better physics to me. Im sure it'll be fun, but dont think that it is going to take the world by storm. It wont.

And, the biggest WTF of your statement is about Killzone 2. Killzone 1 was a mediocre title. The developer Guerrilla has only ever made KZ1, and it has no other history. Now, they are making KZ2. Only their second title. Why the unrealistic expectations? KZ1 has a score of 7 / 10 and sold rather poorly.

KZ2 could (i expect it frankly) to be a totally unremarkable game. But here on N4G, its being banked to be a AAA. There is *NO* reason to have this expectation.

You're overestimating Sony's position, and vastly under-appreciating how committed and capable Microsoft is.

Do you think that MS just forgot to compete in 2008? What are you thinking?

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resistance1004732d ago

Why is this in the Ps3 section again?

Anyway i can see 360's overall sales increasing. In comparrasion to 2006, 2007 hasn't been as good. However i also see Ps3s sales increasing by extremely large amounts aswell

Meus Renaissance4732d ago

Sony brand in Europe is tremendously strong, everyone knows that, even Microsoft. That won't change over a year regardless of what could happen. Microsoft had their strongest software lineup this passing year and still haven't fully managed to take Europe - whereas Sony have done better during a short period of time, selling half of what Microsoft did in almost 2 years, in less than a year.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4732d ago

wouldnt that mean they are selling at the same rate MS is. half of what Ms has sold in 2 years in 1 year?

Meus Renaissance4732d ago

When I said "less than a year", the actual month was either 9months or 10months. I wasn't sure. And this is the PS3 starting off at £425 with no AAA games.

That's pretty impressive you have to admit.