Guild Wars 2 Will Be Localized in Spanish. Console Version is “Not News”.

ArenaNet announced today that Guild Wars 2 will get a dedicated Spanish language localization,and specified that the console version reported as news by several website is not really news.

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hazelamy2435d ago

"not news"

as in untrue? or just old news?

TheGameFoxJTV2435d ago

Very oldnews. they said there would be one so long ago it isn't even funny. The console gamers just hadn't even heard of the game yet, they were prob creaming themselves over a FPS.

Lex_Dangerously 2435d ago

Lol that's why me, a console gamer is here asking about it?

Grow the hell up kid.

TheGameFoxJTV2434d ago

That's exactly why. You didn't prove me wrong, you just validated what I was saying.

2434d ago