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deep_fried_bum_cake3063d ago

I think I'll get this, although I still haven't bought Revelations though despite the fact that I liked Brotherhood.

Basjohn3063d ago

You didn't miss anything. Revelations is brotherhood. No real or explained new big bad guys, in fact the whole goal of opening Altair's Library is never explained either. Ezio just woke up with a book fetish one day.

Sadly for a game called "Revelations" it gives almost no surprises and the only new piece of information is about the herpderp Aliens with a very nicely done CG sequence.

young juice3063d ago

still, i would like to see how the story unfolds

lastdual3063d ago

Saying Revelations is Brotherhood is giving Rev too much credit. Both games are filler compared to AC2, but Brotherhood at least moved the story forward in a somewhat interesting manner.

I only hope AC3 goes back to the multiple cities and real plot development that made AC2 stand out. The conclusion better not be another "tune in next time!" setup to drag things out.

MsclMexican3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Hey.... Revelations had an epic main theme... and also I loved the ending because for some reason... it all kind of clicked for me.

It was Ezio and Altairs story... so the villians were weaker.

But 3 is going to end the Desmond Saga.... so pretty much this is kind of like ME3, Halo3, and other trilogies.

This is the moment they have been building towards.... and Im excited to see how they will end it


ALSO I want to address all of the people complaining that Ubi is milking AC. The truth is the team decided to turn it into a yearly release after 2 because the story coincides with the 2012 end of the world idea.... where as a game like COD does it for the $$$

Honestly Brotherhood and Revelations were supposed to be AC2... but rather than cramp up everything into one game... they separated it into 3, as it gave them more time to work on 3, and get ideas of what players wanted.

They have been building AC3 for 3 years... where as Revelations and Brotherhood were parts of AC2 they could never release and thus they were able to experiment with gameplay to see what fans liked and hated.

AC3 will be a leap like 2 was... and as I said I am excited to see how it will end

Dee_913063d ago

seems like a ac is coming out everytime I come on this site lol

clank5433063d ago

I sort of liked Revelations. I know I shouldn't have, but I did. These games are a guilty pleasure for me.

Jamzluminati3063d ago

Do they have more than one team working or something?

snipes1013063d ago

Do you have proof that the team said that their idea was to run with this 2012 idea and that is why they have been releasing a new title every year for the last 4 years now (that's including this new one). Its honestly starting to look like milking for me.

theWB273062d ago

This whole comment makes no sense. It's like you havent followed any of the story.

badz1493062d ago

"But 3 is going to end the Desmond Saga.... so pretty much this is kind of like ME3, Halo3, and other trilogies."

I see, you're pretty naive to even think like that! fyi, there will be Halo4 this year and Mass Effect will continue to number 4 too and so will AC!

Bimkoblerutso3062d ago

^I wish this guy didn't know what he was talking about...but he does.

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MsclMexican3063d ago


I can not remember exactly were I heard it, but the lead designer of ACR said in an interview that the reason they put out a new creed every year is because of the 2012 story line... as they said it would not make much sense if they released it before or aftr 2012

theWB273062d ago

even though somehow you got a disagree, that's true.

Vortex3D3062d ago

I like every Assassin's Creed but Revelations is mostly Brotherhood like others said. Since the main quests missions are rather fragmented, I'll suggest to rent the game.

I rented from Redbox and able to complete all the story quests in 1.5 days. And that's all I care anyway.

3062d ago
BugsBunny3063d ago

Hopefully they'll remove the gimmick like things in Revelations....I don't care much about the defend the fort mini game or the bomb crafting.

You would think they would of spent time on this since it's the last one in the trilogy, maybe a new engine or spend some time on creating a Prince of Persia sequel instead. It makes me think that Desmonds story isn't over yet he'll be used in AC4. The 2012 Doomsday things will be wrapped up but I feel like Desmond will be sticking around.

GraySnake3063d ago

they've been working on this one since ACII....

OcularVision3063d ago

The only plausible way to continue the franchise for them would be to either convince us that 2012 isn't the real date, or they completely reboot the series for next-gen consoles but have the story still take place before 2012.

BugsBunny3063d ago

I think they'll just create a new threat, I mean the Templars will still be around even if he does manage to stop the 2012 disater.

The first civilization could of left more tec behind that the Templars want, hell theres still pieces of Eden hidden throughout the world, with so many mentioned, the three apples and the staff are the only ones found.

PhantomT14123063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I'm not really worried about the time spent on the dev of this "last" installment. What's really time consuming and cannot be empowered by manpower while creating a game is designing/prototyping and developing a new engine. Creating a lot of assets can be done pretty quickly, especially when you're Ubisoft which can make 5 studios around the world work on a single title.

Brotherhood and Revelations were really fill-in episodes. Brotherhood was kinda a perfection of AC II and Revelation was even not meant to be a console title (it was initially planned as a 3DS game known as "Lost Legacy"... how ironic). I think the design team was even not the same on these ones so I already felt before this announcement others were already working on ACIII.

d0nni33063d ago

I was really disappointed with Revelations, i still hold hope though with it being a numbered release i would hope big steps are taken

Hufandpuf3063d ago

I might pick it up. I skipped brotherhood and revelations, but I'll wait to see if This one is substantially different or no buy.

MurDocINC3063d ago

Yea I dont understand why people keep buying these games when there's very little change to them.

GraySnake3063d ago

The same argument can also be flung towards CoD..

kaveti66163063d ago

"The same argument can also be flung towards CoD.."

Can be? It has been for years.

maverick403063d ago

How can they keep pumping each game within under a year? Thisbis getting worse than call of duty at this stage.

NYC_Gamer3063d ago

and it's funny though because many users on game forums who complain about call of duty rush out and buy assassins creed every year

BugsBunny3063d ago

Have to admit though, with AC coming out under a year it has more content then a Call of Duty game which apparently has 2 years of development. Least with Ubisoft they try and add new features to make them differne't from the previous titles, the developers of COD don't even bother since they know it will sell.

Outside_ofthe_Box3063d ago

Yeah, that's the reason why I haven't bought an Assassin's Creed game since the first game. I'll give AC3 a look, but it'll have to have SIGNIFICANT changes in order for me to by it. I really don't want support a game that releases every year except for sports titles.

JaredH3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Ubisoft has had a team(but probably small) working on this game since AC2 so it's a 3 year development cycle. Hopefully this means the game will actually bring a lot of new things to the series. Especially since it has to have a new setting and cast of characters if it's going back into the animus.