Can Next Gen Cloth and Hair animation look like this?

GB : Creating realistic looking character models can be difficult. We have seen plenty of advances this gen, with games like Uncharted and the likes pushing the bar in creating believable characters. But one things like animations, especially cloth and hair animations are often overlooked.

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Wintersun6163065d ago

I'd rather see major improvement in AI, better destructive environments and other physics. Also on consoles 1080p @ 60fps would be nice but for me the former is more important. If we can get both then I'll be happy of course.

dark-hollow3065d ago

for all the people who thinks the graphics jump will be minimal in the next Gen are in for a surprise.

It doesn't matter how the game is made by technical detail but the most important is how it looks in the end.

Tricks and smoke and mirrors developers always used to make the game looks outstanding.

That and optimizing is very important.

If I showed you uncharted 3 back in 2005 you would think its impossible to run it on 2005 tech.

ardivt3065d ago

I only want next gen games to look like iCEnhancer mod for gta IV. don't care for anything else :)

Voxelman3065d ago

The trouble is AI is not really a CPU power problem, it's a programing one. You could have much better AI on current consoles if they devoted a dozen programers to program hundreds of potential behaviors that may take up a little more RAM and a little CPU but nothing that current hardware couldn't handle. Medieval total war for example has AI for literally thousands of units running as well as tactical AI and it will run on a a CPU that is no more than twice as powerful as the one in the XBOX 1...

Half-Life 1 and FEAR both have better AI than most games today as well and the closest thing to actual AI ever to be seen in a game was in Creatures which first came out in 1996, which actually had pets that could be taught behaviors and you had to teach it what to eat etc so that they could live autonomously.

AI is just really really hard to program well so most games just get it "good enough" and leave it at that.

Moncole3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

If you want to see how next gen games can look look at PC exclusives but not on the max settings

dark-hollow3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Not even crysis 2 on Max looks this good.
Games today are barely demanding and most PC version are just higher resolution, better AA and somewhat better lighting and that's it.

Where is the game that truly push PC to it limit? Remember crysis 1 and how it pushed the graphics boundaries beyond most PC's in 2007? It even created the famous meme "can it run crysis?"

If I can run 95% of games easily today on Max with my humble 6870 then there is something wrong.

BitbyDeath3065d ago

I think the problem is that most PC games also go on consoles. Therefore PC won't make the jump into nextgen until consoles do.

People that say they are already their are just fooling themselves IMO

Solid_Snake373065d ago

Simple friend, today's publishers just think its not worth publishing to the PC like Rockstsr games

kmanmx3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Next gen charachter models won't have hair like this.

This is a top end Fermi GPU, rendering one charachters hair, theres no actual charachter model, no ai, no external environment, no scripts running, absolutely nothing but the hair for the GPU to concentrate on. Yet it is still demanding enough to drop the framerate to 24fps.

Put 10 fully modelled charachters on the screen, in an environment like GTAs cities, and you'll be playing along at about 3fps.

Have fun with that.

If I was to bet, i'd say you will see this in top end PC games of 2016 at earliest running on the best hardware at the time.

FinaLXiii3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

As long the games are decent i could care less about hair lol

Paballo3064d ago

I hope that next gen games require less manditory installs...But no matter how impressive next gen graphics are,we will still have to deal with invisiable walls and limitations in the next gen what I would like is if I can see it I can go to it like Skyrim as well as a focus on AI programming so that if you play a stage twice it never plays the same like bioshock...So dynamic AI is what will be next gen in my opinion.