Sony PlayStation Vita Review: A Big, Beautiful Gaming Machine - PCWorld

'When the Sony PlayStation Vita arrives in North America on February 22nd, it'll face stiff competition. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become powerful, cheap and ubiquitous. And with great, inexpensive games readily available on a device that you're already carrying every day, is there any reason to spend upwards of $250 on a piece of dedicated gaming hardware like the PlayStation Vita?'

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Neko_Mega3062d ago

Ok is it just me or what? Did they get the specs to the camera wrong?

Overprice memory? Last I check, they took a price drop from what they started at and knowing Sony. They most likely run really good then what the 3rd party is going to make.

bladednuisance3062d ago

1 of the most powerful gaming handhelds ever? I'm pretty sure he meant, THE most powerful gaming handheld ever

moparful993062d ago

Just picked my vita up and played some little deviants... Its actually significantly larger then the psp but its very comfortable.. The tiny buttons will take some getting used to but the touch screen is flawless.. Can't wait to get some more games... My review 4.5/5

MasterCornholio3062d ago

Well I am getting a WiFi Vita with a free 8GB memory card. So in the end the memory is only expensive if you make it expensive because a large amount of retailers are offering bundles with free memory cards.