Ninja Gaiden: Sigma for the PS3 confirmed

In the new Famitsu Tecmo has announced they are making Ninja Gaiden: Sigma for the PS3. They didn't mention a Xbox360 version.

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bernie5848d ago

The next full Ninja Gaiden 'Proper' is just for the Xbox360.

Sorry guys, still better a port than nothing at all!


Genki5848d ago

I can't read whatever language it's in, but is that what the article states? I'm not questioning your integrity or anything, I just wanna know where it came from. Whatever the case though, heard Gaiden was good, never actually played it myself.

Bhai5848d ago

...the MS360-exclusive-franchise's next-gen title possibly exclusive on the PS3. HaHaHa, whether or not you folks get the DMC4 as well, but YEAH, Gaiden is coming this way, SUPERB !!!

Bunnyslippers5848d ago

You could go to to translate the article. But the original source is of course the Japanese Famitsu. And does anybody have the latest Famitsu and can read Japanese?
With Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Heavenly Sword, God of War 3, DMC4. The list gets better and better.

kingboy5848d ago

team ninja loves a system that`s got plenty power.looks like they interested finally on playstation

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The story is too old to be commented.