Bethesda replaces Elder Scrolls website with tribute to Skyrim and Fallout 3 Artist, Adam Adamowicz

Bethesda have created a tribute for their recently deceased co-worker, and have placed it on homepage for The Elder Scrolls.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Fantastic tribute by Bethesda, I was expecting something smaller but that is really extensive. I think I'll spend a wee while checking it out.

Just read it, he sounds like he was a funny guy and a driving force behind the looks Fallout 3 and Skyrim (judging from concept art). My favourite tributes are:

"As an aside, my favorite story Adam told me was that he got fired as an erotic cake decorator for making the cakes TOO erotic. He wasn’t kidding."


"I'll never forget seeing Adam outside walking the grounds. He used to say he was "scouting for ninjas.""

dark-hollow3066d ago

Oh god why all the good, talented people die lately?

Solid_Snake373065d ago

@person who disagreed...

Do you know it? Would you mind sharing it with your colleagues?

SilentNegotiator3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

He didn't die.....
"a tribute for their recently diseased co-worker"

lol, oh geez. If you're going to post a serious article, do some better proofreading on the ONE sentence you put for the summary. Or else just stick to copy-pasting one from the article.

LightSamus3066d ago

Kudos to Bethesda for that, that's really neat. And not a plug in sight.

Kakihara3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Deceased?? Tribute to??

Kakihara3066d ago

Oh... Okay then, I guess calling the guy diseased IS in fact a fitting tribute for him. My bad.

jeweetwelwie3066d ago

Ah no... My condolences to Bethesda. I really hope this won't have a negative effect on the art style of these franchises ...

DaCajun3065d ago

Oh know, god forbid their game art is hurt. Wow someone dies and all you can think about is future game artwork. Your condolences to Bethesda? WTF about this guys family, F*ck Bethesda what about the guy that died but all you can think about is a damn game. Gotta love the lack of Humanity in people.

At least Bethesda is not as inhuman as you. Pretty sure the first thing they thought about was not how this will affect future game art or how fast can they replace him.

Drake1173065d ago

wow...taking it too far much? jesus. Im pretty sure this guy also feels for Adam and his family it just didn't come out that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.