Alan Wake 2 Won't Be Influenced by American Nightmare

SPOnG: "Alan Wake's American Nightmare is being released on Xbox Live Arcade next week, and with it comes a change from tense story-led survival horror to fast-paced arcade action. However, Remedy has told SPOnG that it will not adopt this new gameplay approach for an Alan Wake 2."

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deep_fried_bum_cake2437d ago

I thought that American Nightmare was supposed to be Alan Wake 2.

pr0digyZA2437d ago

No its more a spinoff. Closest I can think of is red dead redmption undead nightmare. Nothing to do with the main plot. I believe its based off one of alan wakes episodes that he wrote for the show - night springs (if I remember right).

deep_fried_bum_cake2437d ago

Okay good to know. I had thought that it was a bit weird that it was a downloadable title, that clears up why.

NYC_Gamer2437d ago American Nightmare was made for the action/run and gun crowd.

BugsBunny2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )


I think it was made to aim it at a bigger audince so they can achieve more sales with AW2.

Kind of like your giving the ones who didn't like the look of AW a taste of something they really enjoy (action action...more action) to lure them in, then after they've played this those gamers will then get excited for the sequel except AW2 will go back to what AW was like.........even if they end up not liking AW2, they've still gave Remedy/MS a happy sale.

Convas2437d ago

This is such beautiful news. On one hand, we get more Alan Wake. On the other, Alan Wake 2 will build upon what we came to love in the original Alan Wake. It doesn't get much better than this folks.

BugsBunny2437d ago

They better not....the whole point I love AW is that it wasn't like every other game on the Xbox 360. It was storydriven but with American Nightmare you can't have loads of action and tell a story like the one in AW, it's one or the other.

I still don't understand the reason of American Nightmares exsistence though. Wasn't MS going to keep Remedy going with DLC after AW, promising how it will be like a TV series getting more episodes...then all of a sudden after it's release we get 2 DLC episodes and they come out and say they aren't doing any more. I don't know about you but I would of rather had more episodes to AW then American Nightmare or even them scrapping the XBLA title and work more on AW2 so it could of been released this year

Adexus2437d ago

Please be open world like the first one was supposed to be, it had an amazing premise until they changed it.

pr0digyZA2437d ago

This one apparently has a hub world, so it won't be like they first planned (fully open skyrim type game), but it will be a lot more open than the original.

Frankfurt2437d ago

Open-world games don't have the tight, suspenseful narrative that Max Payne and Alan Wake have.

American Nightmare is hub-based, which is the only way to tell a decent story with pacing in a more open world. Games like GTA, Saint's Row, even Assassin's Creed and Crysis 1 fail at telling stories on the same level as Alan Wake BECAUSE they're too open. The best part about AW was the story, and in a fully open game, the story would be the one hurting the most.

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