Why the next generation of consoles might be nothing but a reason to switch to PC gaming instead

Think the PC is dying and console gaming is king? It's actually going the other way

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LOGICWINS3455d ago

Def becoming a PC gamer next year!

deep_fried_bum_cake3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I'll become a PC gamer once I get a job as there are some games on the PC that I really want to play.

I can't say that I'm interested in any current Nintendo consoles. I liked the Gamecube and Gameboy but have never owned any others, I think the Wii is crap.

PSVITAlitysensor3455d ago

Do PC gaming, but always buy Nintendo consoles.

dark-hollow3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Just get this through your head already.
PC gaming as far as graphics concerned will NOT move till next Gen consoles arrive!

Most PC games today are just shinier version of consoles games in full HD.

The jump from god of war 2 to 3 is next Gen.
The jump from gta III to gta IV is next Gen.

A maxed out version of a current Gen game is NOT!

The hardware on PCs is truly capable of next Gen graphics, but the games today aren't too much demanding and made with consoles in mind, and it won't move till the lowest common denominator get upgraded (consoles)

And yet a I raise The question that nobody answered:

If today's PC games look next Gen then give me only ONE game on the PC in the Xbox/ps2 era that looks better than today's games.

anonym3455d ago

The article has nothing to do with graphics. The writer is criticizing the focus on big budget mega-franchises at the expense of a more creative and less risk-averse small-budget gaming scene.

LOGICWINS3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

LMAO, ur entire comment is about graphics..yet there is nothing about graphics in my comment. I want to have the ability to modify my games and play them how I want to play them..which is my primary reason for wanting to be a PC gamer.

Talk about not reading the article before posting...theres NOTHING in it about graphics.

dark-hollow3455d ago

How can I assume that when everybody is raving about "get next Gen NAW with PC!"

MrDead3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )


You'll miss out on new Yakuza games.


Thats what I was thinking, glad I was wrong as Logic is a Yakuza fan and we need them in the west.

LOGICWINS3455d ago

"You'll miss out on new Yakuza games."

LOOOOOL...who said I wasn't getting next-gen consoles as well?

Another person who only sees the world in black in white. Since when does saying that your going to become a PC gamer mean that you forgo the opportunity to be a console gamer?

LOGICWINS3455d ago

@MrDead- You def misunderstood what I said. No harm, no foul. Btw, where did you hear that Yakuza games are already being developed for next-gen? Thats great!

Outside_ofthe_Box3455d ago

"Since when does saying that your going to become a PC gamer mean that you forgo the opportunity to be a console gamer?"

When you say it in a "Why the next generation of consoles might be nothing but a reason to SWITCH to PC gaming instead" article.

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Wintersun6163455d ago

Neither console gaming or PC gaming isn't going anywhere. No matter how much your inner fanboy wants it to.

the worst3455d ago ShowReplies(3)
DERKADER3455d ago

Current High End PC = Next Gen

PC_Enthusiast 3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

DERKADER you're right but current high end pc hardware will unlike right now on pc actually take full advantage of next gen consoles with engines optimised for those consoles since developers will push everything they possibly can out of that hardware new pc technology will almost never be utilised beyond a small part of that hardware sadly so for console gamers pc gaming shouldn't matter whatsoever..

demon313455d ago

DERKADER you're wrong... current High End PC= Next, Next,Next Gen

BitbyDeath3455d ago

Next Gen will look better than current high end PC's.

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AtomicGerbil3455d ago

I'll take PC and console gaming thanks.

MrDead3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

You tell em Moss, why limit yourself to one system? I enjoy my PS3 games just as much as my PC's, I'm playing Resistance 3 on my PS3 (Which is one of the best FPS I’ve played in a very long time) and Grim Fandango on my PC, if I didn't have both these systems I would be missing out as a gamer.

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