Rockstar 'planning' for Max Panye 3 DLC

Rockstar wants to properly extend the Max Payne 3 experience after release.

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ThichQuangDuck2463d ago

That is good in a sense that it will eventually be expanded upon, but to announce dlc before the game comes out and after you delayed it 2 months makes me wonder why not just put this dlc in the game.

BugsBunny2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

You know I understand other developers doing this but not Rockstar, they were the only ones I didn't expect this from......well there was Square Enix with FF at one time but with the DLC (cough cough cut content) they've brought out latley it's just been Rockstar.

I thought would stick to what they do best...making a full action packed game

ReservoirDog3162463d ago

I disagree. R* have been like the only* developers that actually get DLC. Make a full game but then supplement it with huge, well priced DLC. Examples: Ballad of Gay Tony and Undead Nightmare. Both are seen as the best DLC released this gen.

The difference between them and everyone else? Their DLC looks planned beforehand but it just wouldn't fit if they put it in the original game.

Besides LA Noire of course. That wasn't really a R* game (though at least the extra cases were like $2 as opposed to $10 like some people would do).

But yeah, remember that R* actually makes quality DLC and we'd all be better off if more developers were like them.

BugsBunny2463d ago

Yeah but with GTA4 DLC and Red Dead they didn't delay the game and then announce DLC. As ThichQuangDuck has posted above if you have the DLC or DLC in development why not just add it to the final version.

It's like people just think "Oh it's Rockstar, remember their last game/DLC" but never relaise that it's under differen't circumstances.

It's like Max Payne 3 in general, I know it's going to be an amazing game, Rockstar dosen't fail in that area, but I know for a fine fact that it this won't be a true MP3 sequel, it's just too differen' people will say "It's Rockstar, remember there past games, they were amazing" yet fail to realise that those in fact were THEIR games, this is Remedys franchise, they never designed the characters, the setting, the story, the gameplay, it's all new territory for Rockstar.

Point I'm trying to make........just because it's a good developer dosen't mean it's all going to be perfect. We don't want another GTA4 on our hands, letting the hype consume us, giving it perfect scores, then realising 6-8 months later it wasn't as good as past GTA games.

Christopher2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I think people think that announcing DLC prior to release equates to taking out parts of the planned game to make DLC or something.

Look, announcing DLC like this is just a way of saying that they plan to have a long-term goal of support. That means players who don't buy as many games and/or buy games that only allow for a lengthened gameplay will likely be more into one that is A) a R* game and B) will have ongoing support so that something a little new will continue to go.

I get the animosity towards "DLC on the disc" type of stuff or Capcom's idea of DLC, but that doesn't mean announcements of this sort equate to trying to cheat the gamers out of money by withholding content that should be on the disc.

Look at R*'s history with DLC, at least, though. Did you like the GTAIV extra stories, zombie mode in RDR, and the like?

You guys keep criticizing this sort of thing as if everyone does crap DLC. It's not true.

ThichQuangDuck2463d ago

I think Rockstar does amazing DLC that is refreshing compared to something that feels like it was already in the game. Telling whole new stories which is like adding another mini-season to a tv show rather than an extra episode. The fact is I have already seen some pre order exclusive multi player maps and stuff floating around so if the DLC comes out within the first month it will be unforgivable. If it comes out after I have played the game for a while and I want something new from the experience then there is no problem

Reborn2463d ago

It's the day one DLC that gets the hatred.

Ahasverus2463d ago

This is the kind of thing you DOn?T announce before the launch. Now we'kll feel like we kinda have an incomplete game.

MAJ0R2463d ago

Developers announcing DLC before the game comes out and day 1 DLC needs to seriously stop, this is getting so annoying. Crap like this is the main reason I never buy my games day 1, instead I just wait for the 75% off steam deal.

Knight_Cid2463d ago

how about instead of delaying the game and making dlc before its even released, spend time and actually deliver.........

rockstar is so bad this gen

Captain Qwark 92463d ago

dont know how anybody could disagree with you.

stop worrying about whats gonna happen once your game is released and focus on finishing it on schedule, then talk dlc. idiots.

Wintersun6162463d ago

GTA4 DLC was one of the best DLC this gen. Also I've heard RDR DLC wasn't too shabby either, so what makes you say that? I won't complain as long as MP3 DLC is along those lines as well.

ReservoirDog3162463d ago

R* haven't been bad at all. With the 50 hours I got out of RDR and the incredibly long GTA IV, R* have delivered in spades this gen. Especially on the DLC front. They make full and complete games then make huge DLC based vaguely on the world it's set on.

Which other developer has done well with DLC? Maybe bethesda but then again, they held a gun to your head and made you buy $10 DLC that let you get maybe an extra 1-2 hours of story and let you actually keep playing after you finish the story.

So who else? It's all weapons packs and overpriced map packs and costumes. I really can't think of another game that actually made good DLC. Can you?

BabyTownFrolics2463d ago

planned dlc that is announced before the games release is the norm now, even naughty dog does it

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