From Advanced Warfighter to Future Soldier writes: "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, to use the full title, was a key release for the Xbox 360. Cumbersome in name it may have been, but GRAW was one of the first titles to fully show off what was possible on Microsoft's new machine. Unsurprisingly, critics queued up to lavish praise on Ubisoft's efforts. "With people still unsure over what they think the next-generation consoles should bring, GRAW is perhaps the best example to date, delivering on all fronts," wrote Tom Orry, way back in the misty past of March 2006. Others went even further, with GameSpy branding the game as "a masterpiece" and a "Halo-style killer app" - plaudits that seem remarkably excessive, six years on."

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