Media Create hardware sales (2/6 – 2/12)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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ritsuka6662435d ago

Vita – 13,939

Vita is dead in japan.

I was wondering why the PSVita sales were going so bad, I thought it was due to the poor launch titles?

PSVITAlitysensor2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Vita sales.... i don't even... wtf 13k!? o_O

wumster2435d ago

Well, that number doesn't look good, but I don't think it's dead. It's just having a rough time that's all.

Everyone was bashing the 3DS about the number of units it was selling, and then a price drop happened and it's going pretty strong now.

If they don't improve, Sony will follow Nintendo and drop the price, and then they will sell like crazy.

I know it's a great value at $250, but lets be honest, a memory card and a couple of games will have you at over 300 bucks. That's steep and I have a fantastic career that pays well.

sikbeta2435d ago

Vita is dead and Handhelds will be dead in a couple of years anyways, smartphones and tablet will take over no matter what :P

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Knight_Cid2435d ago

is that why the 3ds sold the most hardware in 2011 in 9 months?

Is that why the 3ds is shattering records

Is that why the vita launched better than the psp,psx and ps2?

sikbeta2435d ago

Once the I-devices take over Japan, Nintendo will be forced to do more than rely on their IPs, way more, brand awareness, hard pushing ads and all that will lead the sales, Sony is out of the picture, they never could from the start, they better focus on Home Consoles and stop wasting money on a dying market, Nintendo "won" this last handheld generation, but that's it...

The Future is about HW+SW Ecosystems in which Windows-phones, Android and IOS will fight for the cash of the masses, everything else will fade away...

AWBrawler2435d ago

As much as I love apple, I could never live with iPods and iPads as my portable gaming systems. I need buttons

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NYC_Gamer2435d ago

It's the launch software it doesn't attract many japanese gamers.

GribbleGrunger2435d ago

Vita dropped by 2,000 while the 3DS dropped by 8,000... so lets get some perspective.

Vita is dead in Japan?


ritsuka6662435d ago

^damage control much?

Anyway,Vita is almost dead in Japan, even with a game like Gravity Daze out there. Next week vita will be lower than 10k. mark my words.

ronin4life2435d ago

The 3ds could have dropped 15,000 and would still be better of, seeing as how it would still have sold more than all 3 PlayStations combined.
The vita drop is percentage wise higher. And either way, one would think that any drop would be difficult when so "few" are being sold.
It is too soon to call the vita dead, though. However, that doesn't mean that it is doing well right now either.

GraveLord2435d ago

Vita has also "dead in Japan" for quite some time. Look at it now.

On the bright side, even though Vita hardware sales are low, software sales are good! 2 Vita games in the Top 10 with Gravity Rush making it to #2.

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Knight_Cid2435d ago

where are the people saying these new ips would propel vita?

but anyone saying the vita is dead in japan is a moron honestly

The psp,psx,ps2 started around the same

Not great but better

Instigator2435d ago

What happened to the PS2? It's sales almost tripled from the week before.

TheUnbiasedLion2435d ago

VITA VITA VITA is doomed! OH NO ... doubt it even though it took a dip sony are still not selling this thing at a loss like nintendo, Sony need to be making profit and so price drops for the Vita i think would be a silly move.

Also PS2 ... trippled :S OH Japan you so funny

ronin4life2435d ago

Last I heard they are.
And Nintendo is not selling the 3ds at a loss.

ozstar2435d ago

Actually I think Nintendo are selling it for a loss.

AWBrawler2435d ago

Nope 3DS isn't selling at a loss at all it's actually a lot cheaper than the price we pay. Nintendo's rule is always turn a profit

TheUnbiasedLion2434d ago

That explains why they didn't turn over a profit then?

AWBrawler2434d ago

Marketing and what not, plus they have more than just 3DS, most of their losses is due to Wii, Marketing, and the cost of preparing for a new system launch. The info is available everywhere online. just do a quick search

TheUnbiasedLion2434d ago

I did the research like you said and they are still losing money on each 3ds right now and they hope to see profitablity in the next fincial quarter but right now they are making a loss.

It's every companies Rule to turn a profit but in this case nintendo havn't

AWBrawler2434d ago

I stand corrected, but can we really blame the 3DS when even that very article says the loss is due to conversion rates and price of marketing??