New Fatal Inertia Screenshots

Not checking out these new screens could prove fatal to your health.

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Bhai5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

This latest update has me so blown away that I've decided to keep an eye on this one, I might be getting this one in my first buys as well. Wow, it just came out of blue, day after day KOEI is starting to speak volumes for themselves, can't believe they are making this one. Hot !!! check these out:

Bhai5852d ago

This one burns deep:

"Phew!!!".......the PS3 launch lineup is insinuating !!!

calderra5852d ago

Now if only we could see some in-game screenshots instead of CG.


REAL in-game shots:

See a small difference? Oh, but these new screens represent a magical leap forward in which actual gameplay now exactly mirrors the CGI video from e3, and all of the gameplay showing downgraded graphics was all just "unfinished".... oh I see...

I guess that's why there's no HUD in these pics? And why these pics are all taken from the same "extreme" just-outside-of-car angles as all of the rest of the previous CG we've seen? Bah.

andy capps5852d ago

It's great that MS fans think that this is CGI, at least you think it looks too good to be in game. Do you believe the below shots are in game or CGI? They don't have a HUD and are not from a first person (or in car on the last ones) perspective, therefore they MUST be CGI.. right?

THE TRUTH5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

You guys are relentless with this stupid CGI cop-out. It's sad that you just can't enjoy the freeking screenshot and stop spreading lies unless YOU CAN PROVE IT IS INDEED CGI!!!!

Seriously though TGS is hours away and this game will be PLAYABLE THERE so just relax and see for yourself

LiquifiedArt5852d ago

Looks really great, I love how this is one of those games that will be really colorful, there needs to be more of those, and utilize those HD Sets.

PS360WII5852d ago

Lets see I always jump on the 360 banwagon. Today though I'm feeling ps3 proud! So yeah, yet another sweeping move by Sony to put once and for all that even thought this is what you'd call "1st gen" games. This is looking rather well compaired to 360's "2nd gen" games. I like the futuristic racers instead of the real cars but fake gameplay. If your gonna go fake go all out and this is a nice way to do it ^^

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