In-Depth Preview of Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Story, Setting & Character Customization

It seems we'll be revisiting Vegas through the eyes of Team Rainbow a little sooner than expected, with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hitting in three short months. Anyone who's finished the first Vegas may be wondering how that "To Be Continued" story is going to, uh, be continued. Worry not! The kind folks at Ripten are prepped to give you the full mission brief.

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LJWooly4732d ago

Is it multiplatform though, or just on 360? I'm still a little confused about that.

Twizlex4732d ago

It's multiplat - it says in the preview. PS3, 360, and PC.

LJWooly4732d ago

Cheers mate, I'll pick up a copy for PS3 when it comes out :)

spandexxking4731d ago

hopefully with the optimized version UE. thatl be sweet

Charlie26884732d ago

I would have actually liked to play as Logan again, cuz during the first R6V you sort of develop an "attachment" (more like lust for blood and vengeance) to that poor dude that gets betrayed left and right and oh boy did I wanted F-CKING blood after that cliffhanger ending >.<

I think this whole re routing of the story might point to a possible R6V3

AlphaNerd4732d ago

Huh. This info. isn't supposed to post until the 20th. I wonder if Ubi knows this is up?

Twizlex4732d ago

I've read some of this before, mainly just in like a quick list of "new stuff". If it's embargoed, I don't know where all these people are getting their information.

angel199x4732d ago

I like R6V on the ps3 so hopefully this will be just as fun. I only wish they brought some of the older cast of the pc games back. I played solo Kazimeira alot on the PC R6/3 and would love to see her in a next-gen setting. They'll never do it though.. But I guess with the ACE system I can just create her.

Man this game is going to fight for my ps3 time along with Haze. Still I cant wait! :)

AAACE54731d ago

This game has some pretty big shoes to fill... I hope Ubisoft have used their time wisely!

R6:Vegas was already a great game that i've spent hundreds of hours playing. It's the way I met the majority of the people on my friends list! Plus the great CoD 4 came out and set the bar even higher.

I know people complain about CoD 4 being too short, but you gotta face it... alot of games will get shorter as games look to give you a constant action experience, and less time running around doing something pointless to make the game seem longer. Plus, the time people are missing by the game being shorter - is made up in the online part of the game.

But anyway, I gotta agree, they better do something good with the story, cause I was irritated with the ending as well... I wanted more, but it just wasnt there!

We are almost there, keep your fingers crossed for this next release. And let's hope they fix some of the lag problems in this new one!

Who am I kidding... I know this game will be good...I!

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