New Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Info And Screenshots

Sega has revealed a new Guilty Gear game called Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (working title). The game is going to be a culmination of the Guilty Gear series. A release date is going to be sometime in 2012.

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Snookies122441d ago

It's not really new is it? I mean, you can get it on PSP off the PS Store. I'm confused honestly lol.

Megaman_nerd2441d ago

it seems this is just a port from the japan only PS2 version. Graphics look really dated and they aren't even going to give us 16:9 support. =/

Giru0172441d ago

They're talking about brining GG:AC+ to the arcades, since it never released. From AC, AC+ has plenty of balance improvements and the addition of Justice and Kliff

maniacmayhem2441d ago

Thank you, I really loved this series. Even played the one they had on the Xbox originals. My friend and I would play this all the time before MS shut down the servers...bastards!

Neoprime2441d ago

Already have it on PS2, and why put it on just the Xbox 360 don't they get that it doesn't have a large fighting game community(FGC)(well they have one) and the PS3 FGC is larger why limit profits, go for PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, 3DS, Steam if they can go for it.