Mass Effect 3 Demo : Uninspired and Disappointing

Gameolosophy: The Mass Effect 3 Demo released on Xbox Live on February 14th. With two missions, new gameplay and a host of dialogue options, it also gives some of the most uninspired and unoriginal story threads ever in a Bioware game.

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CrimsonEngage2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Not sure if serious...

(edit- I like the part where I got a dislike. Probably from the moron who wrote that article)

afterMoth2462d ago

Who approved this garbage? Love or hate ME this article is crap.

SKUD2462d ago

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49erguy2462d ago

I was very impressed with the demo but I'd be lying if I said the dialogue options were impressive. None of them seemed to have a significantly different outcomes. Also the cover system needs a little more polish. Other than that it was EPIC.

"Even when you start the game it could have given you an option to stand with Anderson or the Illusive Man depending on your decisions in the previous game"

That is a damn good idea IMO. I would have liked that. I too, am getting a bit skeptical of the impact of decisions but I don't regret snagging a hard copy of the CE for one minute.

jetlian2462d ago

demo is locked, this has been stated many of times by bioware. They dont want you to see all the out comes of the mission.

49erguy2462d ago

Didn't know thanks man

Christopher2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

The only thing is that these sort of decisions weren't given to you in either of the first games either.

ME1 - You are working for the council and you will become a Spectre.

ME2 - You are working for the Illusive Man.

ME3 - You are working for the council and you may save the Galaxy(ies)?

All of the Mass Effect games gave an illusion of choice through slightly different outcomes and the death of certain squad members, but overall you were forced into your role and who you served.

It would have been awesome to see the third game step away from this forced alignment, but it wasn't something I expected considering it is a BioWare standard.

STONEY42461d ago

The Illusive Man is trying to kill Shepard, and it's implied that he might be working with the reapers, but for his own agenda. Why would Shepard side with him?

Bioeare has also said that there will be more dialogue options in the full game.

Christopher2461d ago

****The Illusive Man is trying to kill Shepard, and it's implied that he might be working with the reapers, but for his own agenda. Why would Shepard side with him? ****

That is a plot element that only works because they already forced you to accept that you're working against them. It easily could have been written so that both options are viable. Imagine if you sided with TIM and it ended up that the Earth alliance forces were the ones who ended up working with the Reapers (not of their own free will, much like TIM, of course)?

The choices we made at the end of ME2 really don't matter that much except for determining who gets a cameo appearance in the third game. Much like the first game's effect in the second game. You swap in Kaiden with Ashley, determine if Wrex is alive, and that's the meat of it. Going from ME2 to ME3, no matter what you did at the end you are still with the alliance and whomever survived ends up getting a cameo in the third.

It would have been nice to have the choice to actually support the person you did at the end of ME2 rather than forced into it and then have a story written to support why you're forced into it.

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Lord_Sloth2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Wonder how few people will actually read the article before they respond to it.

I noticed my decisions in ME1 reduced to very slight dialogue differences and copy pasta replacement characters and fears this would be the case in ME3. Inability to stick with The Illusive Man being 1 of them.

theWB272462d ago

If they gave you a choice to stick with the Illusive Man that would be a totally different story. The Illusive Man brought back shepard for his own propaganda. Shepard is about saving the galaxy, not just humans. I think they made it pretty clear the characters who were with Shepard till the end, and the ones who only helped to further their own agenda. Years have passed in-between these games, so don't you think they would move on and do their own thing, like Wrex did if he survived ME1. The Rachni, told shepard when he needed them most he would be there, reapers attacking sounds like a good time to do that, not be on a ship like the crew was for most of 2. Those complaints in the article were half hearted kind of.

pandehz2462d ago

Very good demo, lame article

torchic2462d ago

tbh I didn't like the demo, mainly due to the choppy framerate, annoying camera and the not too pleasing graphics. aesthetically not really good, on the PS3 at least. I think we can all agree on that. I feel that the demo will please old ME fans, and won't do much to bring in new ones.

mttrackmaster382461d ago

The framerate was almost unbearable to me on my ps3. I hope the final game isn't like that.

djsandman2460d ago

Yah man, I played it on PS3 and 360.. I feel terrible for anyone who is buying it on ps3.. This is gonna be another skyrim. So glad I use both.

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