Remedy: Old Movies Are Respected; Old Games Aren't

SPOnG: "Alan Wake is to finally make its way on PC on March 2nd - but is it too late for the action-thriller to thrive on the platform, so long after the Xbox 360's release? Remedy seems to think so, revealing that the main reason for the PC version's existence is to simply keep a promise to its fans."

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BeaArthur2440d ago

I wasn't a big Alan Wake fan but it's nice to see that Remedy actually cares about the gamers.

wallis2440d ago

Yeah because zelda, mario, doom, quake, half life, halo, wolfenstein, unreal tournament, counter strike, star craft, command and conquer and goldeneye aren't respected are they?

I'm sorry remedy but that statement is an empirically stupid thing to say. Gaming LOVES its classics and always has. In fact we often let classics get away with things we simply wouldn't in a modern game because of context. I replay half life 2 and love it, but when Call of Duty touches my computer I freak out from all the gross linear corridor shooter cooties on my keyboard.

Also remedy I still haven't forgiven you for the crap you tried feeding us about why PC version didn't exist in the first place. Does no one remember the crap about "yeah the screen on a computer is too small" being a reason for scrapping the PC version? Like seriously does no one remember this? Because I do, and if remedy want to take a big fat cheque off microsoft to make their game exclusive that's fine by me. But taking that cheque and then trying to make a PC version when all the hype has died down is just trying to have your cake and eat it. At some point you decided that your PC community was well worth sacrificing for a certain price - well you've had that price and from a business perspective I don't mind. But if you think you're gonna turn up to the party years late acting like a) you never fed us bullshit, b) like all you care about is the community, and c) it's all okay because we get some extra DLC then I'm sorry but you're just going to have to suck it.

I'm not going to be grateful that Remedy is deciding to grace my platform, but I sure as hell ain't buying their games either. Maybe... just MAYBE... we could live in a world where corporate politics don't govern who gets to play what, but until then I'd at least appreciate honesty (yeah we got a lot of money to cut you out, live with it) and I'd certainly appreciate them not acting like they never fed us bull shit. Seriously just ADMIT you talked a lot of crap. I can't let go of the whole screen thing... I just can't. It's like someone dipped their nutsack in my soup.

yog-sothot2440d ago

I agree 100%

Especially now that I'm replaying some old masterpieces

PixL2440d ago

Yeah, nobody cares about classics. Then why is Tetris remake a big PSN seller? This game is over 30 years old.

Wardog13682440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

You guys are taking him out of context. He's not talking about classics. He's referring to games that are just a couple of years old and how gamers are much less likely to play a game that is "old" as compared to a movie that they didn't see and is "old" and by "old" I do mean a year or two because that is what he said in the article. EDIT: Also, I didn't realize alan wake is coming out on PC. Awesome. I don't have a 360 and never got a chance to play it. Also it comes out tomorrow! Even better!

wallis2440d ago

I'm not sure about that. I think people stop talking about games but that doesn't mean they stop buying them. Also it might be due to the wee little insignificant fact that the average game costs four times the amount of a movie so I might shell out on a film I'm not sure about but not on a game. I need to be sure. And if I don't feel like buying a game day 1 it's rare I'm going to be blown away 6 months afterwards.

And Alan Wake wouldn't have this problem if they hadn't scrapped the PC version 6 months before the release date of consoles. Yeah I'm bitter - but I have standards and once my heart is broken I don't go back.

Virtual_Reality2440d ago

You can see that with G4 and the review of Twisted Metal?