CVG: The best and worst DLC

CVG: Nobody's released an expansion quite like Oblivion's Shivering Isles since 2007. It was a full 20-hour quest set in the world of madness and mirth, and an experiment that became a huge success - exactly what DLC should be.

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NewMonday2440d ago

the best DLC i played was RDR undead nightmare and inFamous Festival of Blood, they don't compromise the main game ending and make feel cheated buy buying an uncompleted game, and they are also fun surreal off the record.

Yi-Long2440d ago

... lots of content for a great game, and it's ALL FREE!!!

In the end, this generation and it's DLC has made me spend LESS on games, not more. Now whenever a game has DLC I just wait till it all gets a discount or a bundled release.

moredekai2440d ago

Best DLC is Witcher 2 DLC for PC. Its free, fits flawlessly with the world, and adds hours of play time. Not to mention their HUGE DLC such as patch 2.0 and Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition upgrades, which could have been slapped on for $5 or more but instead are just free. Man, I really love CDProjekt Red.

redDevil872440d ago

Worst was Firewalker for Mass Effect 2