STN: PlayStation EU blog taking your Vita questions

The EU PlayStation Twitter account is taking users questions about the PS Vita. Including some previously unconfirmed Answers.

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wotta2489d ago

Some interesting answers there.

lorianguy2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I like the concept of having all of your trophies (PS3 and PSvita) together in one big running total, or optionally, as separate lists.

- I also like how it's region-free like the DS and PS3.

Luc202489d ago

Will the PS Vita and PS3 pool trophies together?

Yes, you can have the device show all of your PlayStation Network trophies or just your Vita ones. (We think that the poster was asking whether you can see your Vita Trophies on PS3 and vice versa.)

Yes I want my ps vita thropies to be visible on PS3 as well!

resistance1002489d ago

Guess thats the official confirmation that Gravity Rush won't be hitting EU on launch.

Ah well hope its out soon