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eGamer reviews The Darkness II and don't like what they see.

The Darkness was received with mixed reviews but a few liked it, warts and all, for being a little bit different, showing players a good time and having some great graphics for it's time. So with a new developer and entirely different creative direction, does the Darkness II shape up to be a worthy sequel?

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Kakihara2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I couldn't disagree more. I wasn't expecting to like this game at all with all the changes made but I loved it. I found the combat ridiculously fun from beginning to end, toward the end once I had mastered all the different functions of the demon arms and I was being attacked by hordes of regular enemies peppered with a few spotlight carrying guys and guys with whips that could disarm me, I was surprised by just how creative the combat became.

The extremely short campaign was a downer and it's a bit weird that the game feels like it exists in a completely different Universe to the first one, a more comic book world (and not just due to the cel shading) but then the comics did the same thing, starting all zany and colourful, then being rebooted as the excellent dark noir the first game was based on, then working it's way back towards comic book silliness while keeping some of the smarter writing the reboot had given it.

Even with the faster combat of this game, I still found it much more tactical than the first game. The only thing I'm sad they didn't keep from the first game are the links between the Darkness and the Nazis, there was something really interesting there that just never got fully explored, in the comics or the games.

t0asty2440d ago

I understand what you're saying and perhaps you're a fan but that was just my experience of the game. That's just how games are, some love a game, others not so much.