Looking back: Dragon Age: Origins and why I still prefer it to Skyrim

Digitally Downloaded writes: "the critical panning that Dragon Age 2 was hit with becomes a massive double tragedy if it puts BioWare and EA off taking some chances with Dragon Age 3, because I would happily argue that Dragon Age: Origins is the best RPG of this generation, and it deserves a “proper” sequel."

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deep_fried_bum_cake2463d ago

I loved origins and was really excited for 2 but really went off the idea of 2 when I played the demo. I didn't like the comabt, the characters orthe fact that you only had one choice of character and when it came to reviews they said that it wasn't as good as origins so I never bought it. I thought that origins was one of the best games this gen though an I have completed it about 5 or 6 times.

Captain Qwark 92461d ago

first off, origins is a much better game in every way than skyrim

second, i agree with deep_fried completely. origins is one of my fav rpgs of all time and this gen. DA2 however sucked horribly

dedicatedtogamers2463d ago

I love DA:O and so does my wife, but to be fair, this is a very loose comparison. The next article title might as well be "Looking back at Super Mario Galaxy and why I still prefer it to Rayman Origins". Okay, yeah, both games are platformers, but they're totally different in almost all respects.

Voxelman2462d ago

i have tried to play DA: O like three times and i have never made it past half way

Son_Lee2462d ago

Got 10 hours in both times I played it. Just bought it to tide me over until Mass Effect 3. I got bored of Skyrim cause there was no purpose to almost anything you did.

exsturminator012461d ago

Apples and Oranges. Turn-based, third-person, character-driven RPG versus real-time, first-person, exploration-driven RPG. To sum up the article, you basically like apples more than oranges.

As to the games in question, I've got 80 hours in Dragon Age Origins and 100 in Skyrim. Loved them both, sorry you didn't, hope Dragon Age 3 rocks our socks off.