Time Crisis 4 Gametrailers Review

From the arcade to your living room, is the new GunCon game a classic or a con?

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Rice4732d ago

Im getting this game for sure, i dun care bout reviews.

crazy250004732d ago

i just need some more time, then ill buy this

at first i didnt have enough games but now theres too many so ill wait

Bazookajoe_834732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

But i probably get it when it drops in price or if i can get a good deal somewere.

I can imagine some realy fun psn games with the guncon =)

Edit: Thanks, but im cursed with living in sweden were the taxes are high and weather are cold =( But you get a bubble anyway..

mrguru4732d ago

right now amazon has it for 49.99!!!! hop on it if you can!

KidMakeshift4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Sh*t! I got ripped off. I paid $90+ for it at gamestop. For $50, it's worth buying.

I'm all mad now

You can trade places with me any day. I live in Los Angeles and hate it.

4732d ago