Three major Australian Supermarket stores won't be stocking the Vita

GB : Okay, this is kind of big, but it seems that Big W, K Mart and Target, who are major Supermarket stores in Australia won't be stocking the Vita.

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urwifeminder2463d ago

Wow that is big they are the major retailers here but at least the R rating just passed finally i dont know when it comes into effect.

IaussieGamer2463d ago

I can confirm this rumour to be false. I visited all these stores today and all had adverting up to purchase the Vita on the 23rd Feb from their stores.

lorianguy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Well there you have it.

Thanks for stopping the rumor before it really got started.

IaussieGamer2463d ago

I would Twitt that I had sex with Jennifer Anderson that does not make it true.

Mr Patriot2463d ago

but u wish it was true ;)

tiffac0082463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Then what the heck is this guy on twitter talking about?

This rumor makes less and less sense...


Lol! good point (You mean Jennifer Aniston right?) But its kind of weird that some sites are posting up this rumor but none of them seems to be calling the retailers in question for verification...

jdfoster2463d ago

I think he's on about pre orders.

extermin8or2463d ago

it's released 22nd :p so technically they are stocking it 1 day late lool so the rumour is technically correct ;) but it says there they had an issue with psp go aswell so if this were to be true then it would sound like them being annoyed at lower download prices but as it isn't it doesn't really matter :p

IaussieGamer2463d ago

Um no the Australian release date for the Sony Vita is the 23rd February so not this article is incorrect.

extermin8or2463d ago

fair enough weird I thought it had same date as EU release date :p still the article would be pointless even if it was 22nd ;) I mean 1 day.... hardly news worthy could've just been a delivery delay on stock or something...

Denethor_II2463d ago

There's a country called Australia? Who?

Silver_Faux2463d ago

So it is true what they say about the US education system.

MasterCornholio2463d ago

It's the land of beer and crocodile dundis. I loved the land so much that I brought a Yinaki back with me. And currently I am learning how to play it to disturb the neighbours when they make a ton if noise.


Octo12463d ago

Dude! Its "Dundees"! Get it right the next time :P

Adolph Fitler2463d ago

If true it would be stupid, as these are our three biggest & really only retailers that aren't high end. David Jones & Myers are the more yuppy-ified retail stores here (that charge way too much for most stuff).

I saw posters for vita in kmart today, whilst have a look in there, so it's total BS at least as far as kmart goes.....Now I bet I could walk into Big-W & they would be the same....The only store that may not stock them straight away, due to there general shitness (in my experience) is Target, as there gaming section in my local store is just attrocious.
But on saying that, all of them will at least stock the $349 model, as they'd be f%#king idiots not to.

Sounds like more doom & gloom stories, in regards to Sony from American sites & such that not only don't properly research there facts, but don't really want to as they do not want to see Sony dominate again, as MS is there guy. I've said it before & I'll say it again, no U.S. console company has survived a gen, let alone dominated one....MS is already one up on that, as they survived last gen with a $3billion loss, & they've moved into 2nd place this gen, just slightly in front of the last 2 gens undisputed leader. I think everyone is aware that if Sony manage get into the no.1 spot again anytime soon, it will be awfully hard to knock them off, due to the fact that they've been there & dominated so hard it was ridiculous, then they crashed hard to last place this gen......they know what mistakes they made mostly & won't make the same ones again anytime soon.
U.S. sites & publications would love for MS to get to no.1, hell, even many U.S. citizens would root for there own team over one they have previously fought a war against, & being as patriotic as they are, see this as a continuation of the war in the economic sense, & economically the U.S. is getting it's ass whipped from all & every country at the moment.

Kohven2463d ago

Bro u mad bro? I see a fanboy at its finest. Jolly good show mate.

andibandit2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I think the Vita is doomed, not because it's sony or the specs of it, but it's just such a luxury item.

If you compare it to mobile phones, sure the vitas games blast them out of the water, but to be honest i dont particularly enjoy walking around with my phone, i just need it, its a necessity for me. The fact it plays games, music, movies, is just an inexpensive bonus for me.
Would i be viable to carry a large Vita around me whenever i commute?, problably not, i bet i'd leave it on the shelf almost every time.

Compare it to the PS3 which is an entertainment system. With the PS3 i can invite 3 friends over and play madden or watch a blueray movie. Imagine us with the vita, crowded together, hunched and we stare at a 10 inch screen. Not an ideal situation.

extermin8or2463d ago

yet it's half the price of said mobile phones for better technology.... hmmm just because you wouldn't use it doesn't mean no one else would....