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Eat Sleep Play did not reinvent the wheel when designing Twisted Metal, but they did light it on fire!

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mayberry3060d ago

Another "plays like old twisted games" review! Whatever dude! It has come a long way, and is an absolute blast! well ill be a go to hell!

TheBlackSmoke3060d ago

Yep, how dare a car combat game play like a car combat game. I think its lazy to just say its the same thing like if I were to put in twisted metal from 10 years ago I wouldn't notice any difference in gameplay whatsoever. Can't wait for the 5/5 COD review in November.

Blastoise3060d ago

Wow, a comparison to CoD. Thats original

Marked3060d ago


Hes clearly refering to the most obvious form of hypocrisy to unquestionably make his point. Siiiiggghh :/

SoapShoes3060d ago

Yeah dude... I went and played my free copy of Black and it feels nothing like this new TM. It's much slower paced and the cars feel like toy cars in comparison... It's the same genre but it feels a lot different than 10 years ago.

360GamerFG3060d ago

There's always some excuse when it comes to ps3 exclusives. If it were up to people like you, they'd ALL be 5/5

Marked3060d ago

Why are you evening reading this?? I'm pretty certain that you refused to buy a PS3. Unless you did and SONY encouraged your family dog to go for the sex change.