What If Final Fantasy XIII Had A Different Name?

Final Fantasy XIII didn’t need towns and exploration. What it needed was to be seen outside the context of Final Fantasy.

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TheHater2437d ago

Then I might actually enjoy it instead of it sitting in the gamefly package it came in. Doesn't live up to the quality of previous Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy 1 - 10) games.

NukaCola2436d ago

I think it we would see articles like

FF XV another repeat of FF XIII instead of articles about disc space or milking.

Megaman_nerd2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I think it would have been more accepted by fans of the genre but it wouldn't have sold as much. I mean, FFXIII sold almost 7 millions but there aren't any other Japanese RPGs that can pull out numbers like that.

Relientk772436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Then I guess I would have been happier knowing it did not taint the Final Fantasy name lol.

Can't wait for that FF X on PS3/Vita

Godmars2902436d ago

No. The game known as FFXIII suffered from poor presentation. It wasn't a lack of "towns" but immersive world elements. Characters were introduced but given no level of depth or interaction. They were there for a scene, and then they weren't. The group wasn't out to save the world, just themselves, as by any real indication the world didn't give a damn about itself.

Someone with the budget and resources given to the game, who didn't have IP lore to lean against like a crutch, would have put more creative effort into it.

They sure as hell, knowing full well they only had the one shot, wouldn't have split said resources into a direct sequel.

Hozi2436d ago

It would give me hope that FF series could still be truly Epic. After Versus XIII, I'll know if SE deserves my money again.

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