Noble Press Review:The Darkness 2

A review of a first person shooter inspired by a Top Cow Production comic book series titled: The Darkness.

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Wuu3069d ago

Disappointing review, Graphics: 5/10? It's completely new engine, graphic is amazing, just look at detail level and texture quality. And gameplay is amazing, i don't get this review.

D2-E23069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Ill be honest I enjoy level progression more based on adventure game play compared to RPG. I felt this switch was a way to cookie cut the game play. The graphics are great dont get me wrong. I just feel that the Cell shading was also another way of cookie cutting the work. Cell shading graphics are a lot easier to design compared to a high polygon count fx that is seen in games like Uncharted or Crysis. I appreciate your feed back Wuu. and Andibandit! Please if any others have comments, leave them! I will be glad to answer any that you have.

-Justin Pla of Noble Press