Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh Episode and Serah Bikini Hit Later This Month

Andriasang: Wondering how Sazh fits into the Final Fantasy XIII-2 story? Wonder what Serah and Noel look like in swimsuits?

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iamtehpwn3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

The length and quality of the episodic DLC episodes will determine if I purchase or not. I want at least a couple hours of gameplay for $6. Also, $3 is a bit over priced for boss battle DLC. If it were $1, it'd be a bit more reasonable--especially for a boss that was cut from the original XIII that they're probably reusing all the assets for in this DLC with the Jihl Nabaat and Lightning DLC. Really, they should've been free or on disc if anything.

I'm not totally opposed to DLC, but I want it to be something more along the lines of what Bethesda does for DLC. Quality, enormous expansions that do something outside of quick cash-ins.

The kind of DLC episodes/expansions that aren't announced a few weeks before/after the release so I know it's an expansion and not ripped out of the game for bigger profit

Qbanj693065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

You put it perfectly. The story is lacking as is, so I want a few hours worth of extra episodes from the DLC. But by judging by the prices of the other DLC content available, I'm not sure if we're gonna get what we're hoping for, for $6.

Wintersun6163065d ago

I liked the story. It's not as epic or as deep as most of the stories considered to be the best, but it was a decent story and kept me interested to the very end.

Completely agree with you about the DLC though. I traded my copy in because me winning the lottery has bigger odds than SE releasing a proper DLC.

Smashbro293065d ago

Bikini DLC?! Shit... They better not pull this crap with Lightning, she's one of the few characters that aren't shitty in this series.

3065d ago
VsAssassin3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

There will come a time when all games will be released per chapter, and in the form of DLCs if we don't stop this non-sense.

FFXIII was a complete game at least. This one? It's a complete mess in my very honest opinion. Planning to properly end a game through paid DLC (since we know FFXIII-2 has this irritatingly cliffhanger ending) should be considered a crime.

DLC for me is like stealing. You deliver a 60-dollar title, and gamers will buy it, but its contents aren't complete. There should be a new mandate in the government law where it states that a game developer should deliver a complete game every time. Non-compliance to this law will entitle consumers of the said game a full refund, payable by the developers/distributors/produc ers themselves.

Of course I'm joking. But I wish this joke comes true. At least for the first few things I said.

Son_Lee3065d ago

No DLC, just expansions a la Dragon Age Awakening, Fallout Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, etc. And DLC is fine if it's cheap as hell. If it's cut from the game - which is almost always is - they have no justification in charging any money for it, let alone the prices they go for.

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