Gametrailers Playstation Vita Hardware Analysis

"Does Sony's new handheld have the goods? Check out our analysis."

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navysealrb2462d ago

Good review, nice music in the background which kept it interesting. I do have to say that I am sick though of all this "250 is a lot" for what you are getting and comparing it to the 3DS at launch (which had the same pricepoint) its a decent price. everyone thought it was going to be 300-400 dollars and people still whine about 250.

MasterCornholio2462d ago

I actually thought it was going to be 299€ because at that time I thought that there was no way that something so well designed would cost the same as the 3DS. Luckily Kaz made me very happy with the announcement of the prices. Also at around the same time there were a ton of rumors of Vita games costing 60€ I am also happy to see that rumor debunked

In my opinion while the Vita is expensive it still is a great buy because it is effectively the best handheld ever made.


smashcrashbash2461d ago

Exactly. First it was 'There is no way something like this could be less then $350-400 dollars. Then Sony said $250.00 and now suddenly that is too much. You know what it probably is? People thought that Sony would drop the price again once Nintendo did it with the 3DS and they would compete and get lower. But people are mad that Sony stood their ground.

Outside_ofthe_Box2461d ago

"People thought that Sony would drop the price again once Nintendo did it with the 3DS and they would compete and get lower. But people are mad that Sony stood their ground."

You hit the nail on the head. I've said this before. Had Nintendo "stood their ground" nobody would be clamoring for the Vita to drop in price. The issue that people have with the price has more to with Nintendo dropping it so quickly and unexpectedly than it has to do with the Vita being over priced.

Like you said, it seems like people are just upset that Sony didn't follow Nintendo with a price cut.

Christopher2461d ago

Hardware Analysis, wherein we discuss service providers, operating system/UI, software, and cost of accessories... /confused.

Expected an actual analysis of the hardware, not the product as a whole. Misleading title.

Otherwise, they are saying the same thing we've heard since release in Japan. Nothing new here.

Ulf2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

I can't believe these professionals think that $249.99 is a high price point, for what is unquestionably the most powerful handheld device on earth. Perhaps they are actually from a different planet, where there are comparable devices, and they don't cost over $600?

You get what you pay for, most of the time, and the 3DS costs $169.99. Considering that an "iPad 3" which might be the first portable device to even rival the Vita's power, and *still* wouldn't be as good a gaming platform due to a lack of buttons & sticks, would likely cost $600 at a minimum, $250 is an *incredible* deal.

They are probably selling it at-cost. It would be foolish of them to pull a PS3, and lose money on each unit sold -- I certainly don't want that, because I want my new Vita (oh yeah, I got one -- its amazing) to have loads of support and games from Sony.

Even if the 3DS outsells it, in terms of quantity, 2-to-1 (just like the DS did over the PSP), it may be more attractive to 3rd party publishers in the end if the attach ratio is high.

Nutsack2461d ago

You can all say what you want, but 250 bucks is too much, because:

A PS3 is 249 too overhere in Europe.

So one gets a handheld, or a full blown home console for the same moneys. Then, without a memorycard a lot of great games won't play ont he Vita, so one gotta fork out even more monies.

@ Ulf above

"They are probably selling it at-cost"

Keyword 'probably'. Maybe it also just cost 150 to make, who knows. Foolish to sell at a lower price, or won't sell as much and 3DS gets all the 3rd party support again?

Seeing the failure Japanese sales going on for weeks and weeks already it doesn't seem the right price level.

Yes, a year ago the price of 250 was welcomed. The world goes on, stuff has changed.

@ smashcrashbash

"Exactly. First it was 'There is no way something like this could be less then $350-400 dollars. Then Sony said $250.00 and now suddenly that is too much. You know what it probably is? People thought that Sony would drop the price again once Nintendo did it with the 3DS and they would compete and get lower. But people are mad that Sony stood their ground"

Sony stood their ground? We still have to see. 3DS dropped in price 6 months after launch. When the sales remain as fail as they're in Japan now, Sony will drop the price around summer too. If they don't, all support will go to 3DS and Vita will get PS3 ports only.

Outside_ofthe_Box2461d ago

The PS3 is over 5 years old. The Vita is new tech.

Nutsack2461d ago

It doesn't matter. In the eyes of the people they get a lot more with the PS3. A handheld should be priced below the same companies main console of this moment.

Furthermore, Vita's tech ain't new. The CPU and GPU are already average on the market. Touchscreens have been done on tablets, phones. Its design is the PSP with an extra stick.

Doesn't matter if its new, its all about production costs, being competitive in the market (aka the 3DS costs 170) and the perception of the customer.

Outside_ofthe_Box2461d ago

So in the eye of the people you don't get more with the Vita than the 3DS?

Nutsack2461d ago

In the eye of the people the 3DS cost 80 USD less than VIta. The 3DS cost about 2 x 80, the Vita about 3 x 80.

Price difference is a lot. And 3DS gives one Mario and the Japanese Monster Hunter. Not even talking for the at least 20 USD a 4GB mem card costs for the Vita.

So no, in the eye of the people the price of the Vita is too high. Sales in Japan again prove this.

Fact is, same price for PS3 as the handheld isn't smart.

Hicken2461d ago

Lemme get this straight: the 3DS costing as much as a Wii is no problem, but the Vita costing as much as a PS3 is?

"Price" does not determine "value," something which you and far too many people seem to misunderstand.

I hate to say it... no, I don't... but you're being ignorant about this. The Vita is brand new tech, the PS3, 360, Wii, and even 3DS are not. It makes PERFECT SENSE for it to cost more. And any objective techie will tell you that what the Vita does is worth more than its asking price.

But if you want to compare it to consoles, then you should compare them to consoles at their LAUNCH, not five, six years later.

Wii: $249
PS3: $399-599
360: $299-399

PSP: $249
DS: $149
3DS: $249
DSi: $189
XL: $189

Hmm, as far as handhelds go, it seems to be pretty in line for the price. The higher end, but not outrageously high.

You don't like the feature set? Fine. Don't like the launch titles? That's fine, too.

But a 3DS is still more than a Wii, and you can get a used PS3 or 360 for that price, so why aren't you complaining there?

smashcrashbash2461d ago

Okay is that what you want to happen or what you think will happen. Have you already forgotten so quickly that Sony has tons of studios working for them. Even if for your ridiculous assumption that ALL support will magically jump to the 3DS, Sony has more then enough developers to keep going with the VITA if they wanted to.

You see that is one of the advantages of having your own personal army rather then turncoat third parties. They make games for you without all the lame excuses, betrayals and jumping ship.I don't know why people like you keep harping on about how you could just buy a PS3 for that price. I could just buy a Wii for less then a 3DS too and play games on the big screen and yet you never hear people saying that.

jukins2460d ago

just like your name implies you are a true nutsack. the cpu or the gpu are not average on the market because they are custom quad core chips. last i checked there only one device (the transformer prime) that has quad cores that is currently on the market. You act as if the 3ds has been $170 since day one. There's two reason it dropped quickly and thats because sluggish sales and the e3 reveal of the vita's price scared nintendo stupid.

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