FlatOut 3 PC Review (TruePCGaming)

Mike Andre of TPG writes:

"I’ll cut the story short. FlatOut 3 is a flat out disaster.

You probably played or at least heard of the previous Bugbear-developed FlatOut games and how pretty much everyone found them enjoyable. The game I reviewed, however, is only a FlatOut in name. Everything about the experience is so dismal, broken and uninspired, its existence alone is a slap in the face to racing fans. FlatOut 3 came out of nowhere, but still, it managed to peak my interest as the FlatOut series is among my favourite in the racing genre. When I noticed Bugbear were not developing this time around, I wasn’t sure what to think. When I did some research on the previous work of the new developers, Team 6, I felt that something wasn’t quite right. Still, I was hopeful they could pull something half-way decent with a better budget in their hands. I couldn’t be any farther from the truth."

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