A Monster Lurks: What's That Coming Over the Silent Hill?

Andreas Asimakis writes. "For fans of psychological horror, Silent Hill – at least during the early years of the franchise – symbolized the ultimate in videogame fear. Since its debut in 1999 so few survival-horror titles have managed to come close to the level of unrestrained fright that Silent Hill was capable of. As the series may no longer be at the forefront of the horror genre, Konami is poised to offer reluctant fans a myriad of reasons to return to gaming's famed haunting grounds all throughout March and even later this year. But is 2012 going to be a turning point for Silent Hill, or will the horror darling tourist town lose all but what's left of its dark attraction?"

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vader12312312434d ago

I hope this game will stop the franchises downward swing.

n4gisatroll2434d ago

Me too, it looks good imo.