Stop Copying World of Warcraft, Start Making a Better MMO

Kotaku - I don't know if there are any MMO analysts, business angels, or game director browsing these forums. But in case of, I want to sum up the overall message a large portion of the MMO gaming community has addressed to them lately with sub drops in most popular MMOs.

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Kamikaze1353060d ago

Too many developers are playing it safe. Since WoW set a standard, developers are afraid to take a chance and make something new that's good. Hell, even SE are taking Final Fantasy XIV towards the WoW direction.

CrimsonEngage3060d ago

Better yet, move away from all the childish "anime" style designs.

If you go on google and search "free mmo's" You will find 99$ of them have goofy anime art styles.

BattleTorn3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I just got into PC-gaming, and decided to get SWTOR. I stopped playing after 2-days.

It just wasn't for me. Hopefully I may be able to get back into it.
I liked the solo experience, but when at the Repulbic fleet seeing so many max-level player was disheartening. I felt aas though no matter how much time i invested I'd always be struggling to be 'even comparible' to everyone else.

I'm in love with the concept of MMOs, but the genre itself has a ways to go. (before becoming mainstream)

The need to accept that some player want gameplay. To me, MMOs seem to be void of actual gameplay.

And I agree with above, in that they also need to lose the animated artstyle, as well.

Spinal3060d ago

I quit swtor myself its terrible end game. But also from what youve wrote u might just not be cut out for mmos at all.

I work full time an live an active life gym/boxing so on and spend time with my misses. And i dont have all the free time in the world but i still find time to enjoy my games. Right now im just waitin for diablo 3 an guild wars 2.

BattleTorn3060d ago

Yeah, I don't have all the time in the world to master an MMO either.

I'm not sure I will ever try Guild Wars, because in my mind a Star Wars themed MMO had the best chance at obtaining my interest (Im a huge SW-fan)

And with Diablo3 on the horizon, I just don't feel motivated to play SWTOR.

I might get back to it (since I paid $80+) but if I do it will probably be in attempt to immerse myself in a solo experience through the story/plot