PSN at Home gives Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3) 9.5

Unreal Tournament III for the Playstation 3 is just as great as the PC version! The game-play is still fast pace, and a blast to play with bots or online with friends!

This game has always been about the multi-player to me, although the Campaign was fun to play. There is story to it and you play different game types on different maps. The cool thing about the Campaign is that you can play through it online with your friends.

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moujahed4735d ago

After hearing people,aswell as reading previews saying it was slowed down compared to the pc version, but once i played the game online... it was blazing fast... and the graphics dont skip a frame or anything...

UT3 is the best FPS out this year so far for 07... it pwns Halo3

scrillakiller4735d ago

i dont want to bash other consoles games but i will say ut3 is very fun.its a really good game online.single player not so hot but graphics and multiplayer kick butt